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Japan aid for Indian islands carries China 'geostrategic overtone'

By Supriya Singh and Eduardo Martinez

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Japan's planned development aid for India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands carries a "geostrategic overtone,"

In return Japan got strategic landing refusal.


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This is not the only Japanese connection with the islands.

Andamans were a penal colony during the British Raj where political dissidents were sent. Also, they were the only Indian territory captured by Japan during WW2.

It was handed over to INA, an army of Indian rebels/freedom fighters led by SC Bose. INA freed all the prisoners who then joined the INA to prepare for an invasion of British India.

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Offering financial aid is foreign meddling. It comes with conditions. Japan did with small Pacific Islands to back our whaling industry.

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Yep pure speculation that any of Japan's warships would be allowed into Indian territorial waters.

I don't believe a word of that !

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The Japanese are always scrambling to keep up with the Chinese who are literally streets ahead of them.

It’s time to wake up Japan…

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Great initiative by Japan !!

it is in interest of both the countries to get closer, when there is a common reason and cause to balance power in Asia, when China is getting more and more intrusive in other countries’ land and sea.

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