Japan braces for U.S. jobs-focused Biden trade policy

By Junko Horiuchi

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At least with Biden he will acknowledge that ALL the countries in the world have been hurt economically, and not just the US.

Another thing is that the trade negotiator's wont have to worry about everything getting turned over on the whims of the president.

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From USA with love..... Hey Japan.

Remember your amazing growth in the 60s 70s and 80s, ready to surpass the USA economically. until 1985 when the Plaza Accord was pushed on Japan by the same friend and ally.

Sending our economy in the lost decades for the past 30 years of stagnation. Trillions and Billions lost and taken away from an entire new generation of young Japanese who:

-Don't own a house or apartment.

-Don't own or have enough for a car.

-Don't have kids or a wife because they can't afford it. Don't want to disappoint.

Now in 2021. Even though Japan has no fault or blame for Covid19. The Americans want to push Plaza Accord 2.0 on us, so USA can continue growning. An economy already at $24 Trillion, While Japan has been stuck at 5 Trillion for the past 3 decades.

Makes perfect sense. We should sign it right away whatever they demand like before! Sign away our future and growth!

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That's rich of Japan, which has always had a "jobs first" policy. This is the country that has labor shortages even during recessions. LOL, and where govt and industry have zero tolerance toward large lay-offs - an experience American workers have been forced to endure for many long years.

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America has been brutalised by four years of a clusterduck, shirking all kinds of responsibilities on the environment, prioritising Big Fossil at the expense of renewals. Biden changes all that - with control of the House and Senate. Japan must also put on big boy trousers and do more just to remain competitive.

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"Japan needs to show off its reputation as a country leading free trade negotiations

ROFL...Japan a leader in free trade negotiations...hahaha...ok.

ReasonandWisdomJapan - you can safely blame decades of incompetent LDP  governments for all the gripes you listed above, not the US...that would be wisdomspeaking.

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I dont think Biden is thinking about Japan very much. Why did japan except the Plaza accords? What a disaster for Japan.

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Given that Tokyo has already given Washington what it most wanted -- cutting tariffs on pork and beef

As it translated to cheaper price to consumers, I have never seen one in my area.

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just end all tariffs across the board. There are plenty of surcharge taxes added on anyway to make up the differences or like in many countries when buying you get option 1, i.e. you buy eggs but if you want eggs in the carton the carton is an option, you can buy beef but if you want it properly wrapped or dry ice that too is an option so the costs keep adding up. Unfortunately in some countries you get hit with the higher prices because of tariffs and the options both.

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As Japan cautiously awaits new U.S. President Joe Biden's policy on trade

Like starting to write a research paper after the due date, this is what happens when you run on a "I'm not that guy" campaign.

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with a new focus on multilateralism, but Biden is still likely to push for greater market access and make tough demands on trade partners to revive a U.S. economy

As expected America first would be replaced by multilateralism..and he is in no position to make any tough demand..It's the partners who are going to get very tough now.

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Lady Gaga went from practically dancing naked in Telephone music video to singing the national anthem in an inauguration. Props to her for her success story.

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My crystal ball tells me we will be forced to pay 400% increase in paying for American bases and pressured into buying $50billion of US weapons. And forced to cut all trade with China, bankrupting japan.

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Another thing is that the trade negotiator's wont have to worry about everything getting turned over on the whims of the president..

Yep..now the trade negotiator's will work with the trade negotiator's on the other side..Biden will just stamp whatever was negotiated.

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For what it's worth, Japan could work with the US rebuilding America's railroad systems. Perhaps Japan offers to finance a percentage of the work in exchange for trade concessions.

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Another thing is that the trade negotiator's wont have to worry about everything getting turned over on the whims of the president..

At least, not until 2025.

When they elected Trump, America proved that its promises are only as good for as long as the man who made them is in office. So it's really only a four-year guarantee at longest, and each day closer to the next election makes that promise shorter.

Hardly a dependable trading partner. They seem to elect a loser every other president, who is likely to throw any policies the predecessor made into the trash.

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In any state of the world if you negotiate with Americans on trade, the Corporate America always wins!

The winning move is either don’t negotiate if you lack power or being an entity as dominant as China.

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Any plan with Biden will develop over time, and will not be cobbed together over breakfast because he is pissed off at somebody. That will be a pleasant difference.

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