Japan, China may boost ties over next decade, depending on U.S.

By Tomoyuki Tachikawa

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This is the most common sense article ever. "My biggest trade partner is starting to ask for too much so I may have to make a better trade relationship with my second biggest trade partner."

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Until the Chinese move in on the senkakus again or orchastrate another anti-japan riot which would cost Japanese businesses millions. Japan is not stupid. They know Chinese relations are a roller coaster and it's only a matter of time before the next drop. The more Japan relies on China for trade, the more power and influence the Chinese will have over Japan. Look what it's done to the US. Moving closer to China on trade would be a mistake.

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darknuts, which American told you that "Moving closer to China on trade would be a mistake" ?

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Now I wonder what would Japan-China relations look like if the US wasn't in the picture or at least, not that involved

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Japan, China may boost ties over next decade

To Japan: Don't trust too easily. Their smiles are fake.

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They recently flew their military planes near Japanese waters and now they want to become Japan's buddy? Pfft.

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Give credit to Japan, they know how to deal with Chinese very well. I know Abe is ridiculed here, but he has done a very good job of dealing with China. Unlike the U.S., Japanese companies have not suffered nearly the IP theft (yes, I said 'theft') that America has and it's manufacturing base has not been as devastated as America's. Plus, Japan REALLY - quite correctly - cracked down on Chinese 'investment' in Japanese real estate (yes, the AirBnB debacle was centered around Chinese investment in Japanese real estate).

I personally think Abe is correct in wanting to re-start the military here in Japan. Of course, there's a lot of wiggle room about the strategic 'defense' force, but if anybody thinks China has 'good intentions' with respect to ANYTHING they do internationally, I've got a bridge to sell you.

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America First means every other nation second, third.....

America First means sanctions and secondary sanctions even to its so-called allies.

Which nations has place more sanctions around the world America or China?

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darknuts, which American told you that "Moving closer to China on trade would be a mistake" ?

I don't even understand this question. I never implied that Americans felt that trade with China was a mistake.

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Why should we have to deal with trump & america ???.

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The root of all problems: TRUMP

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The root of all problems: TRUMP

Yeah, right, lol. Trump wasn't president in from 2009 to 2016 when the U.S. trade deficit with China ballooned from $227B to $347B.

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If China, Russia, India can deal together, why Japan and even Korea, isolated in this part of the world, should remain at the US side?

Just to buy US weapons, unnecessary US farmer goods and be humiliated by US sanctions ?

What a strange partnership ?

Abe, Moon, its time to change the order of this world to also eliminate the threats coming from NK, if everyone is on the same side.

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Together China and Japan are responsible for around 21% of global GDP. Cutting to the chase, much of what is happening in the markets is all about China and Japan which, while very different are strongly linked economically. A matter that has not garnered enough attention is how economic problems that develop in China will spill over and directly impact Japan. The Japanese economy is very vulnerable to a negative feedback loop that could have strong ramifications on its economy.

While most Americans are familiar with the saying, "anything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" it has become very apparent that in our global economy things that happen in China do not stay in China and the same can be said of Japan.. This is obvious from the huge amount of wealth fleeing China over the last few years. The article below explains the importance of this link.


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Anyone who knows the actual security relationship between Japan and the US (and who actually pulls the strings) will not pay any attention to this article.

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Some forget that America is currently ruled by a buffoon who will be replaced in one or five years time at which point a new normal leader will return to the helm. At that point US relations with the world will return to normal.

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Our "leaders" are all deluded in their own way. I don't see how in the long term making China even more powerful is gonna be good for us all...

I'd start moving my factories and business to neighbouring countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia. They might not be perfect, but at least they're not claiming our islands and building fake ones in the East-China sea.

Apart from that, there is little Japan can do until nutters like Moon, incompetent people like Abe and the dictators in China and North Korea are kicked out...

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