Japan in balancing act with U.S. over sanctions on Myanmar

By Sayo Sasaki

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As usual business first and then for a very long time nothing!

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Japan has no influence on the international politics at all. So, it should not follow America or China or EU's action against Myanmar. As Japanese economic activities growing on Myanmar in recent years, it should go ahead continue. No matter army rules or civilian rules. It's Myanmar internal matter.

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I don't agree with what happened to Myanmar. People are not to blame.

I do blame Suu Kyi for not being better prepared for something like this. She was in power for a very very long time.

What should Japan do?

Limited options. Under Article 9. If the Myanmar military starts killing people that would be my red line to cut all ties. Otherwise we should continue our conversation, we might have more influence when talking to them rather then not talking and punishment.

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Kirin made a stupid move.

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Yet sanctions will hurt the people it is supposed to help.

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Kirin made a stupid move.

Kirin did the only thing that was morally just. One of their major business partners was the Tatmadaw. No one in good conscious could continue to do business with them as if nothing happened. There are some things that are more important that profit.

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Under Article 9. If the Myanmar military starts killing people that would be my red line to cut all ties. 

Tatmadaw has already killed demonstrators. It is time for western firms and embassies to close and leave Myanmar. That includes Japanese firms and their embassy.

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