Suga's communication skills tested as honeymoon period ends

By Sayo Sasaki

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Honeymoon? Come on, that's a term used for "newlyweds!" and Suga is hardly a virgin!

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He might be? He prefers to sleep in his office doing sit ups! He displayed his communication skills appalling as No2 for Abe and now as a free wheeling individual it's just worse. A trained Beauracrat with the personality, decision making skills of a snail leaves a trail nobody needs.

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He has no political vision other than that of Nippon Kaigi

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Suga must get rid of unconstitutional anti-China policy, once for all. That will make him the best communicator to the beloved Chinese people.

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He can't set off fireworks like Abe

More hieroglyphics than pyrotechnics.

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Suga seems to he out of touch with reality. He has more urgent things to do than eliminating hanko seals, like implementing additional spending to stimulate the economy.

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He used a big chunk of his political funds just to silence dissidence from the Scientific Council, and now has the whole academic community against him for no real reason. It is hard to see how he can do better when he inevitably needs to put in order something unpopular. His approach of doing things that are seem as authoritarian without offering any justification is going to cost him more and more until he runs out.

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Suga seems to he out of touch with reality.

Fits in perfectly with the rest of the LDP then.

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If Obuchi was about as appealing as "warmed up pizza", then Suga is about as appetizing as cold sukiyaki

Wouldn't hurt the miserable git to crack a smile now and again.

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Honeymoon is over and soon his first 100 days too, what is per common sense or unwritten rule an almost peaceful time span for new country leaders in many world regions, for getting used to the new office, being allowed to make first smaller mistakes, establishing friends into positions etc. But very soon he’ll probably need an umbrella, I think, if not even a big umbrella factory...lol

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What communication skills?

Short, old, boring. That's all the Japanese government offers us when it comes to politicians.

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Like others have mentioned has anyone ever seen him smiling?

His communication doctrine is:‘It’s the Nippon Kaigi way or the highway!’

i wasnt a fam of Abe but Suga gives me the creeps.

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Suga reminds me of an Andropov or a Chernenko. Those two frail elderly do-nothing Soviet men that took over after Brezhnev passed away. Like Suga, they'd been cabinet members for so long that it was only natural for them to take the helm after their leader left, but they were just temporary until a younger, more jubilant leader took charge. Not trying to say that Japan needs a Gorbachev, but it sure doesn't need a Suga.

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He promised to make public elections to consolidate his charge.

But, at the end... there was no real election, only a small group of officials got the right to vote.

His acceptance has been low since the very first day.

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