LDP faction to come under collective leadership after Abe's death

By Masaaki Hashimoto

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Mob turf war

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Giant right wing babies. Awful men

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In 1998, Mori clashed with Shizuka Kamei, a former chairman of the LDP Policy Research Council, over the faction leadership.

Mori won the game and forced Kamei to exit the faction with other members.

No wonder Japan has been led by incompetent PM's since the LDP took charge. It's just a game to them! I mean really, Mori was PM,

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Shionoya and Shimomura agreed that the faction will unite under the name the "Abe faction" because the current leadership was decided by Abe, the longest-serving prime minister of Japan.

This factional jockeying for political leadership in a one party state was what Kishida was referring to when he called the Abe assassination "an attack on democracy"?

I suppose something was lost in translation from "democracy" to "backroom dealings amongst hereditary gerontocrats".

Other so-called democracies in the G7 are hardly better though.

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Nice to see the quick and dynamic reaction to a surprise happening, thank god it’s not the economy or peoples lives that are at stake. Best to go with communal disfunction. Family histories have to be checked who has is next in line. It’s a complicated affair to sort out, his family married into that family but that guys family never held a position like this. Let’s just go wire Aso.

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Hakubun Shimomura

Nasty little yakuza-linked Nippon Kaigi thug, recently revealed to be connected to the Unification Church. On what planet is this country a democracy? Octogenarian hereditary gang bosses playing pass the parcel with control of people's lives....


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Giant right wing babies. Awful men

couldn't agree more

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Has chosen not to name a successor

To maintain its unity and avoid a possible break up

Psychological warfare for the next faction leadership

Kishida is desperately attempting to run the whole government by himself ?

The supreme leadership team

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Do we end up in the Panama canal or the suez canal

Iam afraid its worse than that !

This ship of fools are up sheet creek without a paddle and rapidly circling the Suez canal drain .

After a parasite cleanse -

Somebody pull the plug and flush please.

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Biden make all the policies decisions,he do not have to answer too party leadership,but he need their support too get bill pass,but going against the party,he can end up primaried

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No need to mention "the longest serving prime minister" every time that guy is mentioned.

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On what planet is this country a democracy?

It's not. It's the same as Singapore, if Singapore were run by a bunch of incompetent idiots.

Hit the nail on the head!!!

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Like Kishida previously mentioned it's his new pioneering type of democracy.

A democratic dictatorship with imperialistic tendencies.

The liberty deprivation party

The wolf in sheeps clothing puppet government extravaganza

Stay tuned for more ridiculous flip-flop dithering announcements by the LDP

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“No wonder Japan has been led by incompetent PM's since the LDP took charge.”

was any non-LDP PM better? Unfortunately we don’t have any great dear leader to lead Japan!

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Matters little. They still have to answer to the US. They used to have this 年次改革要望書 an annual report in October where the US basically tells Japan what to do. Now they call it 日米経済調和対話 called US Japan economic talks but they’re the same thing.

They also have this 日米合同委員会 US Japan Joint Committee that holds monthly talks at the ニュー山王ホテル US military facilities in Minato-ward where the top bureaucrats report their progress made. Many items are decided here.

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Not that much different from CCP picking a leader from the party elite. And all the people have to do is to rubber stamp whover is served in front of them in election day.

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I guess in normal democracies all these factions would be separate political parties!

That's why we have single party political system her. And it has a lot of similarities to the socialist governments of Eastern Europe from the past...

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L.D.P. collective leadership ? Nothing new, we saw this in 1990s and 2000s, a total chaos and bureaucracy that put Japan in idle, not a bad idea!

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 ニュー山王ホテル US military facilities in Minato-ward 

I stayed there before.

It could have been better, but it was nice enough for me.

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LDP is run more like the dang yakuza than a government I swear. Their little turf war and throwing members/those who don’t say yes to everything under the bus is nonsense behavior for a government

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Even Newsweek is jumping on the Abe bandwagon.

in this weeks edition they proclaimed him as a ‘great modern world leader!’

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The tragedy of Abe san death has brought into the open the question of political governance in office.

The question of how these political factions are managed, there influence on how the electorate can be confident in the process of democratic mandate.

And most importantly who is pulling the strings that could amount to abuse of public power, office, or resources by elected government.

Soon after Abe's death, psychological warfare for the next faction leadership had already started.

On July 9, when Abe's body returned to his home in Tokyo, those in the political circle made condolence visits, and information swirled that Nishimura sat close to Abe's wife, Akie.

Nishimura, who respects Abe, had no special intentions. But one of the faction's heavyweights raised suspicion about his ambition, saying, "He is the one who started telling others to refrain from condolence visits," citing the privacy of the bereaved family.

The cynical methodology to garner political favour stoops to even loitering around Abe wife, Akie on the pretext of offering condolence.

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Collective leadership is actually preferable to a single strong man that has more in common with tin pot dictatorships.

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