Nuclear power issue unlikely to be decisive factor in election

By Junko Horiuchi

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Farmers got their "incentives" to vote for Abe I see.

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Gogogo: No kidding. I mean what's with the picture? Abe's going to help 6 people sell 10 pieces of fruit of the usual thousands of yen, keeping tariffs on other nations as they make another trade agreement defunct because they demand Japanese products flood the market overseas.

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Nuclear power issue unlikely to be decisive factor in election

Its not just nuclear power. The tax hike, Abenomics, you name it- the guy has been an abject failure. If the people have a brain They'll vote for anyone but him.

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Ahh beautiful Japan you have done it again, proven that the LDP are after 70 years of power is still the working people's party, the picture says it all, old people worked to death for the glory of a few family entitled members. Gambatte old people. I wish only good luck to you, and sympathy for your offspring should you have any.

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"I just hope such an accident will never, never happen again

Jezuz, what will it take to awaken people??!!!

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This article is likely the LDP party line in the guise of news. This is suspicious:

"As Japan is no longer in a nuclear crisis due to stabilization of nuclear power plants, the general interest in the nuclear issue is fading more than six years after the Fukushima nuclear accident," Yakushiji said.

In fact there is still a nuclear crisis. The broken plants are still not under complete control. The area around the disaster is not safe. Radioactive water will (or has been) thrown into the sea because no one knows what to do with it. People are displaced by the disaster. It will take some four decades to fully normalize the reactors. As for humans living near the reactors, that's another story. I call this a crisis. I am also highly suspicious of the motives of people who tell us things that are not okay are okay.

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woah... how much did the LDP pay for this news flash ? If so, big fail.

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How can Fukushima continue to trust Abe's foolish campaign promises??:( It's been almost 7 years since the accident! You've basically been left behind Fukushima! Stop trust this fool of a narcisist!!

Please give someone else the oportunity to improve your situation!

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Nothing is an issue.

I love this country and the people.

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"As Japan is no longer in a nuclear crisis due to stabilization of nuclear power plants, the general interest in the nuclear issue is fading more than six years after the Fukushima nuclear accident," Yakushiji said.

Bwahahahaha! They print this garbage? Oh yeah, there's no nuclear crisis in Japan, except for the 1500 fuel rods that need to be removed and stored, the melted rods that are sitting under the containment vessel that they have no idea how to get to and the hundreds of thousands of tons of highly radioactive water that is stored in temporary tanks around the site, which they also have no idea what to do with. Plus, it's gonna take at least another 30 years to clean it up at an unpredictable cost totalling gazillions of yen. Yeah, other than those few 'minor' points there is no nuclear crisis in Japan. Sweep it under the carpet for the election fellas!

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Someday, we will be able to do without nuclear power. But lt will not come in the near future and it does not help their life today. People of Fukushima cannot support opposition parties that claim shutting down of all the nuclear power plants soon. It sounds vain or empty. They may feel it has nothing to do with them. Shutting down of nuclear plants does not help their life today. They want any government that help their life of today. It is very realistic they welcome Abe who will be the prime minister of Japan again. They have to support him.

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In China, power plants will be using solar energy. There is no nuclear power plant in California.

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The Chinese burn imported coal, and Californis imports 40% of their electricity and has the highest costs in the US. Only a fool believes that electricity comes with no costs. Solar will never be reliable because electricity can't be stored.

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Wow - it seems the LDP's control of media is pretty much complete. I've heard nothing but propaganda for about a fortnight.

"As Japan is no longer in a nuclear crisis due to stabilization of nuclear power plants..."

You can stop reading there. And if the Party required you to believe that 2+2=5, Winston? What then?

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Look at the photo - where are Japan's young people?

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"As Japan is no longer in a nuclear crisis due to stabilization of nuclear power plants...”

Last I checked there was a meltdown that requires over a century to clean up.

No crisis??

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Cringe North Korean style photo.

5 old women trying to sell overpriced fruit no-one wants to buy while holding a poster of their dear leader.

im gonna start selling barge poles.

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Nuclear power isn't an issue, economy isn't an issue, Abe isn't an issue, soon, Japan isn't an issue.

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Hahaha... Fukushima is "no longer a problem"... haha. So, why did they say they have to dump huge amounts of radioactive water into the ocean (and have) because there is no more storage space and they don't know what to do? Why do they not know where the fuel is without doubt and can't clean it up for upwards of 50 years, and that's only if they develop the tech? Why did TEPCO and the government just delay the BEGINNING of retrieval of the fuel rods until 2021?

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This article forgets, glosses over, is inaccurate and comes across as pure propaganda !

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So everyone is falling all over themselves to shut down nuclear, even if it means using fossil fuels, including coal, instead.  Never mind that coal is thousands of times more dangerous and harmful.  Expert consensus is that Fukushima caused no deaths and will never have any measurable public health impact.  Meanwhile, Japanese coal plants kill around 1000 Japanese every year, and are a leading source of global warming (CO2) emissions.  This is immoral.

The fact is that releases of radioactivity have slowed to a trickle, and any ongoing releases, into the Pacific or into the air, are orders of magnitude too small to have ANY health impact.  (People blather about the water being released from the storage tanks even though one could literally drink that water every day w/o any impact on their health - yes, I'm volunteering).  The threat of any large-scale release has gone.  Thus, it is not a "crisis" under any rational definition.  One has to wonder why so much attention is paid to the negligible ongoing releases from Fukushima, but none is paid to the massive, continuous releases of health-harming pollutants from fossil fuels.  Coal plants ARE a public health "crisis".  But, people don't judge things on numbers or facts, but instead on perceptions and media portrayals.

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Yikes. These women need to take a page from another group of women who decided not to take the government information at face value: Iwaki Kaiyo Shirabetai Umi Labo. They should also do their own pollution and radiation analysis. Government isn't there to help them sadly. But with additional labs holding them to account only then will the muttering turn to murmurs.

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