Nuke ban treaty's threat-of-use reference challenges Japan, allies


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"The most important words in this treaty are that it is prohibited to threaten the use of nuclear weapons, that is the heart of the power of this treaty,"

So North Korea is already in violation of this treaty. But they didn't bother attending much less sign on to it.


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Hahaha this fight is over, the countries that have the weapons wont be part of this deal :) The day the US gives up nukes is the day we have something even better than a nuke :)

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Nukes should've been banned long ago. They're much more devastating than bio or chem weapons. Then again, if the P5 on the security council only had bio and chem weapons, I'm pretty sure they would be totally legal. Sad...

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Whenever this sort of idiotic rhetoric gains traction it is only the bad guys that win. Do you for one second think that Russia, China, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, NK or for that matter the US will seriously abandon their nukes? Even if they did, it would just make rogue states all the more eager to get them for the extra leverage they bring. Nukes will be replaced when a better anti nuke defence system makes them obsolete not by some talking heads signing a bit of paper.

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