Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike Photo: Reuters file

Olympic delay and coronavirus add fuel to Abe-Koike political rivalry

By Noriyuki Suzuki

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Naoto Nonaka, a professor at Gakushuin University, and specialist in comparative politics. "He may not like it, but he has to work with her to make the Tokyo Olympics a success."

The least one can expect is unity in times of a pandemic, beyond the Olympics, both Koike and Abe should set their differences aside and behave like adults, not spoiled brats over a joystick of a PlayStation and who gets it.

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I don’t buy it, Abe is ready to retire and he’s happy to prop up Koike in this pretend duel.

Oldest trick in the book.

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There is no doubt, abe is worse first Prime Minister that Japan have already had.

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This is not a one-off for the virus and will likely return stronger in the fall. It's not disappearing as a hot Florida knows full well. Abe for crisis isn't going to work out and he will only be able to continue to react to demands not lead. Thus Koike's profile will only increase

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I’m sorry but I don’t buy it

And if you’re an expat you should be careful about Koike.

I give her credit that she’s playing her cards way better than the PM in charge.

But still,she belong to the same hawkish Nippon Kaigi and to the same generation of most of the cronies in power and she want to retain a very strong nationalistic and revisionist agenda and she gives me the impression to be a cold calculator.

Let’s hope that both of them,Abe and Koike can set aside their differences about the Covid (but same ideology) and work together for the benefit of the people living in Japan which includes us.

For the rest I wouldn’t keep my hopes so high on her about her political agenda.

11 ( +13 / -2 )

So if we recap on Abes legacy, reduction on quality of life and wages a legal increase on overwork. Tax increase for workers Tax cut for companies. A public service that alters official documents or destroys them with no accountability. Massive debt. Corruption that's overlooked, a working population made up of part-time short contract workers. A declining birth rate. And to top it off a delayed expensive Sporting event. And a small face mask, that's tainted. Really it shouldn't be too hard to improve on that legacy.

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Cricky...your post says it all mate.

6 ( +7 / -1 )

Cricky.......has nailed it again.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Cricky....... Absolutely concur

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Cricky...may I add an MIA third arrow, treaty with Russia and Kuriles issue settlement and of course the perennial chart topper , return of NK abductees.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Cricky forgot intimidation and legal suppression of the free and independent press. The PM has done so personally as well as through legislation of the State Secrecy Law, officially the Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets (SDS) (特定秘密の保護に関する法律, Tokutei Himitsu no Hogo ni kansuru Hōritsu)

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Agree with Cricky and all his supporters.

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I love it how Koike is being painted as an angel in comparison to Abe. I don't buy this BS. They're two peas in a pod.

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Her and Abe are one in same...dont be fooled by these snake oil salespeople...

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Koike was rather silent when the Olympic dream was in full swing earlier in the year, despite Blind Freddy being able to see it was going to be cancelled or postponed back in February, if not January. And she only came awake after the belated acknowledgement of the obvious.

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Koike was rather silent when the Olympic dream was in full swing earlier in the year, despite Blind Freddy being able to see it was going to be cancelled or postponed back in February, if not January. And she only came awake after the belated acknowledgement of the obvious.

Yes, yes, one billion times, yes!!! The fact that this fact goes unmentioned by all those fawning over this kaigi card carrier is truly abysmal. And the cheap theatrics they're both putting on are equally rancid.

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Both Are Nippon Keigi, nothing will change. Just drink more and forget having any dreams. Go to work. Drink. Go to work...

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Koike is all about herself. When she see's what she thinks is an opportunity for herself, she goes for it... which is what we saw with her failed attempt at creating a new Political Party.

Yes, she may voice opinions that resonate with the rest of us... but that's easy to do, when you're simply seeking the obvious "likes" upon your facebook account.

I don't trust her, and I don't trust Abe... though I have no say in either's election to Office. I may as well be living in Communist China.

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Oh I didn't forget, I was pointing out local highlights and there are so many I wanted to keep my post short. Internationally he is a disaster but I'm more concerned about my family so I skipped a lot. And thanks everyone who feels the same. I kind of got a big head, untill I remembered I'm an idiot too.

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Both should be removed.

They were both stalling the response here chasing Olympic money.

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after this event, i am hoping that young people will get involved in politics by way of voting,

this is what happens when you don't care about your country.

you get these turn of the century old birds trying their old stuff on the new world.

I said i was hoping, lets see what happens.

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Cricky, you are da bomb, you tore the guy into utter shreds far better than his office did shredding the sakura no kai documents.

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