Pandemic clouds Japan's hopes of active diplomacy during Olympics


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At this point the organizers should give up on achieving secondary goals with the games, no diplomacy, no celebration, no restoration of Fukushima, etc. From the moment the decision that the games would not be cancelled even with an active SoE in the host city was made, it became clear that the only purpose of the games was to profit a few selected people at the expense of everything else.

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This lack of world leaders works in Japans favour, they are not particularly good at diplomacy.

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Who would now trust a government that doesn’t have the best interests of their own people?

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The games will be remembered for what wasn't. Really, they should have been cancelled. The health of the nation should never be in second place to the games.

¥25 trillion waste of money. Hope future cities will learn some major lessons.

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Diplomacy? Suga has no idea what diplomacy is. Look at his US summit and attendance at G7. Became a laughing stock in Japan and abroad.

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Ministry officials said the list of top guests for the opening will not be finalized until just before the event. "We expect a similar degree of attendance by leaders as at the 2016 Olympics," an official said.

Ridiculous, leaders including top guest cannot just fly in here just prior to the games without the host knowing and making the necessary security and accomodation arrangements, lets assume the respective embassies will make accomodation arrangement but security cannot be carried without the knowledge of the host. If at this time so close to the opening ceremony just a week away then it is safe to assume they are not coming except their definition of top guests is different from mine.

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Well, except for those that need a govt that will choose the wishes of ‘foreign profiteers’ & grandiose, narcissistic spectacle over the health & welfare of the people.

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¥2.5 trillion waste of money

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Why diplomatic talking with someone who hasn’t even the strength and leadership power to cancel a virus super spreading event in his country during a pandemic and SoE? It’s very attentive and shows big mercy, that they all don’t come and easily draw him over the table with everything else.

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It is good these world leaders who won't allow many into their own backyards, however, they are fine sending their athletes including from the developing worlds where many have not received the vaccination and see how it feels to be a sitting duck just like the rest of us. Why did not the world stand up for Japan, and say, we are not sending our athletes and risking the lives of the Japanese and all others who have reside here? Had the world banned together against the IOC the numbers would not be climbing as rapidly and we would be just a little safer.

I pray none of these leaders catch the COVID in their travels and or around Japan that is a real risk isn't it.

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Waste, waste and more waste of money and time!

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Maybe they can go with standard moribund diplomacy, instead. It seems to suit them so much better.

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Japan was always an economic giant but a dwarf in world politics and this is still not so changed.

Especially with Suga,no one is interested in talking to a yes man that was basically isolated from the G7 from the other real leaders like Biden,Merkel and Macron.

Suga himself admitted he didn't feel comfortable in having talks with other leaders due to his shyness.

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Addendum: I wonder how many 'variants' the 1918 virus went through searching the Human genepool for holes in its defenses...it found 50-100 MILLION in a MUCH SMALLER global Human population...

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Put masks on those two characters, add some social distance and put covid-chan in between them , a cute little virus character.

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This might become on of the most unsuccessful Olympics of all time and most of it is not the fault of the Japanese government. The IOC has shown their true colors throughout all of this. Ignoring the plight of the world and host country, pushing forward even as countless companies file for bankruptcy, still pushing forward as numerous positive tests show up for athletes around the world, high discriminative restrictions and actions. This entire Olympics has been a s show.

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There’s no need for Suga to meet with Moon, the leader of the country that keeps breaking treaties and agreements and utterly untrustworthy.

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