Speculation of larger ruling bloc as small opposition plots survival

By Noriyuki Suzuki

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No surprise there. the Constitutional party was too progressive for the likes of Tamaki. I wasn't happy when his party wanted to merge with the Constitutional party. He belongs in the LDP. The Constitutional party needs to stick to its guns and continue to promote a more progressive agenda while attempting to woo crowds. its a slow uphill battle, but they'll get there.

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That speculation has already created hiccups with other opposition parties, especially the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, which shares the same support base -- Rengo -- the nation's largest umbrella group for labor unions.

Japanese patience is sometimes a virtue, but has worked to the detriment of the people in the political scene.

If the CDP is as ineffective in bringing benefits to workers as Rengo they should be tossed aside and another party given a chance. Like Reiwa.

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Will know we have a political system on par with NK. One party forever.

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Will know we have a political system on par with NK. One party forever.

exactly. right on the money.

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When most of the opposition are made up of Ex LDP members, it’s a one party state. The only time another party ruled and I use that term loosely the bureaucrats stalled or actively sabotaged them every step of the way. But for the LDP, people are pretty clueless about politics so it works out. Same names, same scandals, same get off Scott free pass cards. Same voter pattern. Once stupidity supports stupidity what can you do, join the queue?

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