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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida leaves after a press conference in Bangkok, Thailand, on Nov 19. Image: AP

String of ministerial changes may prod Kishida to reshuffle cabinet

By Satoshi Iizuka

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During the ongoing extraordinary Diet session, Kishida has tried to enact an extra budget to fund an economic package to ease the negative impact of rising prices and relief laws for those financially afflicted by the Unification Church and other groups.

Shows you where the LDP priorities really are. Protecting themselves from more blowback and revelations of their cronyism as in the case of Yamagami.

More corporate welfare and socialism for the rich; plus this time for added flavor bailing out people brainwashed into giving their life savings to the Church with which LDP politicians have fostered quid pro quo ties for decades.

Selfish is too mild a word for it. Sociopathic would be more accurate and describes this ruling class that profits from centuries of hierarchical cultural rules.

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The deficiencies in the current system are legion-a total reset is needed!

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Today 07:11 am JST

Selfish is too mild a word for it. Sociopathic would be more accurate and describes this ruling class that profits from centuries of hierarchical cultural rules.

I like "parasitic," personally.

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The magazine reported Terada paid around 40,000 yen as rewards to six local assembly members in his constituency in Hiroshima Prefecture for their support in his election campaign in October 2021. Such payments are prohibited by the public offices election law.

Just resigning from his post is not the end of this for him. Japanese do not take kindly to politicians paying people off, as in the past, they were literally buying votes from people and the laws they put into effect governing campaigns are strict.

One woman got nailed for giving away paper fans, I believe it was, and others went to jail too.

If this turns out to be true, he is going to face a trial, and possibly jail time. Doesnt mean his career as a politician is over though, as other Diet members were "rehabilitated" and came back, literally reelected, by their constituents because of the charisma and popularity.

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Well, past evidence suggests that shuffling the faces around and taking the pictures of the new cabinet all dressed up on the stairs does boost the support rate. I have no idea why the people don't reserve judgement until this cabinet shows its true colours but there seem to be a lot of people who are eternal optimists in Japan, or have an insatiable appetite for disappointment.

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Reshuffle is the right word. Assign the same set of imbeciles randomly to one of the spots they are completely unqualified for... Then expect a better outcome. Maybe they don't really expect a better outcome actually, as long as they enrich themselves and their top supporters.

J politics in a nutshell

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Kishida is a ditherer who can't make decisions. He is not doing anything about inflation or wages that haven't gone up in 30 years. People are tired of being exploited.

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let the old jiji shuffle begin. It’s like the Yamanote line. Always going in a circle.

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Why? He’ll just reshuffle the same idiots into a different order. Health Minister will become Finance, Finance will become environment, Aso will put on his moronic purple fedora and do what he wants, and then we’ll start hearing about the scandals again.

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Everyday I'm reshuffling...

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Japan is completely destroyed by those politicians and their corruption.

Kishida just prints fake money and spends money for WAR preparation. his politic is based on US instruction.

the KAOS is at the end of the tunnel.

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Kishida politics:

hobnob with world elites in 5 star hotels and resorts using his two private luxury jumbo jets. Even though he can’t understand what they are talking about, he also can’t understand what the vast majority of Japanese citizens are talking about.

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Well, LDP needs cleaning up, so why complain about corrupt politicians being sacked?

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FredrikToday  12:35 pm JST

they have been sacked because they were not enough corrupted for KISHIDA.

KISHIDA needs perfect kamikaze puppet for the circus.

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unable to maintain his power unless he dissolves the lower chamber of parliament before the opposition camp gets well prepared for an election, political experts said.

It’s amusing, this notion of needing to get well prepared for an election.

If any would be opposition parties are not always prepared to take the reins of power, then they frankly have no show of being any better than the inept LDP.

And frankly the voters are as inept at their responsibility as the politicians are, too.

In some respects this is a good thing, but alas the status quo has the government spending trillions of yen it doesn’t have, and this part of the status quo really needs to change.

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