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Tax hike, global slowdown threaten Japan's economy in 2019

By Ryotaro Nakamaru

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What.... when has a little old "Global Slowdown" ever really effected Japan... just drum up some more "Stimulus Packages", print a few Trillion Yen... and keep the wheels spinning nice and smooth. Exit strategy... later!

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“The crowd politely laughed, as if he had told a joke that missed its mark.”

Of course they did!

They are in on the joke too.

Watching Abe paying lip service to the electorate would make anyone laugh....

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No, the Japanese Economy is threatening the Japanese Economy. It's beenartificially propped up by Abe's fiscal stimulus packages for years - and the lucky boost from tourism.

No genuine vision or innovation. Just same old custruction company based spending.

How about taking renewables seriously and trying to catch up other countries in this growing and future proof sector. More jobs, technological innovations, sustainable development ... win-win-win

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Fearmongering. We have Super Mario and Abenomics. What could go wrong?

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The general population, without any meaningful pay increases, will of course tighten their purse strings even more after the tax increase. That’s common sense. Not that I’m for higher taxes, but the only party then that would have the base to pay more would have to be the corporations that have record earnings and not sharing some of it with their workers. Or you cut the bloated public sector workforce, which will never happen.

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If ever there was a time to delay jacking up the consumption tax rate, it’s now. The situation was much better those previous occasions when they put it on ice and we’re further away now than ever from it making any sense. Any Japanese intransigence over trade talks will be dealt with very harshly; the yen will recommence its drive towards 80 to the dollar, tourism will sink as people lose interest in coming to a place that they can no longer afford, and when the Nikkei goes sub 15K you’re talking about real pain. Those with yen cash reserves are salivating at the prospects of making some serious money with the strengthening exchange rate or picking up much cheaper stocks.

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The job market is the tightest in decades, with the unemployment rate near the lowest level since the early 1990s at 2.5 percent.

This happens because population decline less because Abenomics

Japan's economy faces a number of headwinds in 2019 including slowing demand for exports, financial market turmoil, and most challenging of all, an increase in the consumption tax

This is the real test for Abenomics.

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