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Trump's angry tweets leave G7 in disarray; Abe in delicate situation

By Satoshi Iizuka

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From the G7 photo we can now see that Trump is shorter than Trudeau and therefore lied about his height and height/weight ratio putting him in the obese section.

I'm shocked...SHOCKED...that Trump was less than truthful about something.

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Shibaike said there was little the Japanese prime minister could have done except "take a back seat on the trade issue while seeking reassurance that the United States and Japan are on the same page regarding North Korea."

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. But at the end of the day, I think that Trump is going to mention the japanese victims in passing and that'll be all she wrote. The question is- with Abe not jumping in to support the rest will that result in damaged relations between the Japan and the others?

Donald will face one of the most important meetings in the century in four days. The G7 must come together to support him," Abe was quoted by Nishimura as saying in Friday's session on security.

Yeah. Its only one of the century's most important meetings because of the Abductee issue. Shinzo, you are so full of yourself.

This is serious. If the G7 implodes, we could see a complete revamp of international trade.

And why is Abe grinning like the village idiot? Does he think its funny.

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From the G7 photo we can now see that Trump is shorter than Trudeau and therefore lied about his height and height/weight ratio putting him in the obese section.

Fake news???

Trudeau is 6'2" and Trump is supposedly 6'3"??? Abe and Macron are both 5'9", and they look the same height in the photos.

Cutting through the BS, Trump may be a generous 6'0". Ahhh, he must have lied to us again, and so did his doctor. What does this guy say that is truthful?

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Mr Abe, prepare to tell your Japanese automakers to cease exporting automobiles to U.S. but kick start assmbly lines on American soil! There will be continues Japanese brand automobiles on US roads but none of them were made in Japan!

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If G7 would immediately move to a free trade world with zero tariffs, the discord would end.

The only reason G7 won’t do this is because they are all bound by their domestic politics.

But every country has domestic politics, that’s no excuse.

Free trade. From tomorrow. Come on.

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I really want Trump to go away. But if the opposition keeps simply attacking his fight for trade equality they will pave the way to his reelection.

Tarrifs, quotas and subsidies make ‘free’ trade extremely complicated. It’s easy to point out imbalances and unfair trade practices. Trump is, in a ham-fisted way, fighting for American industries. At this point he is controlling the domestic political argument. And the American worker will respond. When will the Dems remember their base should be the American worker?

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Shinzo Abe had a great G7 Summit. No doubt. Whilst everyone was screaming and pounding their fist on the table. Abe came off as cool, poised and he kept his eye on the ball. He knows that Japan and the US will being have trade talks in July so he played the situation well.

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What has height got to do with this?

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The Japanese people do not think of Prime Minster Abe as an idiot, nor do I. Insults, are degrading.

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Abe Shinzo himself tied the puppet strings for the use of Trump. Purely theatrical that they are bosom buddies, no matter how often Abe loses rounds of golf. Abe is very competent even if he is corrupt, but Trump is not competent even while being much more corrupt.

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OMG. Why is Abe smiling when he was harassed by a dirty hand slapping his rear?

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Oh my...

Steve Says: Establishment has meltdown over Trump at G7


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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was put in a complicated situation at the Group of Seven summit in Canada

Not that complaicated really. Stand with the rest of the G7 nations, improve trade and diplomatic relations with those countries (and many others), and isolate Trump. Once he's ousted as POTUS (shouldn't be too much longer, I hope), then you can get back to doing business with a US that is being run by a sane president. Seems perfectly simple to me. Don't do business with Putin's puppet.

.And what's with foreigners defending Abe?

To be fair, there are far worse leaders out there. Like Trump, Putin and Theresa May. Abe is the lesser of those four evils. Got a long way to go to match Justin Trudeau though.

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Business 101, make your competitors thing you want one thing but settle on a "middle ground" which is really what you wanted in the first place.

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Germany in same position and not whining.

Intercontinental missiles can fly far you know...


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