Will Suga's Olympic gamble pay off?

By Ryotaro Nakamaru

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"And that may actually still work, particularly if Japan happens to get a big medal haul."

Komiya-sensei, that's a whole lot of cynicism and contempt for the people. Say it ain't so!

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i think he don't know anything about Covid that why he want to do the Olympics its very stupid to keep doing it while the whole country is suffering from Covid

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I don't get this article at all. Calling it a gamble suggests Suga is in control, which he is not. He is merely going along with the IOC and the big players in the LDP tell him.

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"Why are the Olympics being given special treatment? He needs to explain the reasoning better," Komiya said.

The Olympics are being given special treatment because a deal is a deal. Japan made a bet years ago when it put its name in the hat for the Olympics and was chosen. Now she has to honor that commitment.

Take this as a lesson to not easily get into such commitments in the future, but this is the main reason I actually agree with the Japan's government stance to push through with it. It is the only honorable thing to do. I don't think anyone is really thinking of earning big here, just showing Japan has honor.

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I love a flutter, time to time, never really made any money/profit.

The big wins political/footy I donated half to my favorite causes. So I basically am always behind.

However it is mine to lose.

Suga san on the other hand is betting on, or wagering, public finance, the J healthcare system, that is not, and never will be mandated to his government from the J electorate.

The question to ask, who is guiding pulling Suga san strings.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga san is being bounced up and down of the end of the LDP dead mans shoes gang plank.

No disrespect here.

Suga san was the next in line, Toshihiro Nikai leader of the LDP Shisuikai faction is standing at the end of the holding a pole.

Suga san is trapped their to deflect blame.

However Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike, a right wing zealot, will launch Toshihiro Nikai under the nearest bridge and politically hold his head under the water, that is guaranteed.

"Absolutely no intention" remember that. however "if called to serve" ......... I will "do my best", or weasel words to that effect.

At 68 years Yuriko Koike has deflected all the poo storm into Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga lap.

The question is Japan faction led LDP ruling Government.

The economy is on life support. Debt spiraling out of control, Olympic games costs an ever increasing mound as its economic/fiscal costs swept under the carpet.

Then the possible health catastrophe lurking like the sword of damocles hanging overhead.

Enter the Koike..........Bruce Lee be afraid......

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What is the gamble here? Doesn't gambling usually imply the chance of winning something? What, Suga thinks if Japan bags a few medals everyone will love him??

Stop playing politics and start representing your people.

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Will Suga's Olympic gamble pay off?

Ask the multitude of part timers out of work-you’ll soon get an answer!

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What gamble? Japan agreed to host this Olympics back in 2013. That country is honoring this commitment by having the Games there. PM Suga has proven to the world to be a trustworthy politician. The nation will benefit from his-word-is-his-honor resolve to host the Olympics. Leaders of other governments around the globe recognize this will reward Japan in the future.

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"And that may actually still work, particularly if Japan happens to get a big medal haul,"

This would become more certain if he could just ban foreign athletes completely. That would also make the Olympics safer.

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The only way he can gamble the lives of millions is by only caring about himself. And they will still vote LDP!

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The Olympia variant coming to a town near you soon, thanks to human greed.

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It would help if the opposition weren't so clueless

The LDP have their faults but remember when the DPJ had the reins? Everyone just switched straight back to the LDP the next chance they got

It is very easy to lay the blame on the opposition, the blame lies squarely on the electorate and not the

opposition. There has been wikipedia of scandals by the LDP yet they have repeatedly been voted by the people. Do you want the opposition to stand at polling stations and use gangster tactics and intimidate voters

to vote opposition ?

The last time the opposition were in power they wanted to rein on bureaucrats waste and move policy

formation away from the bureaucrats and onto the politician like in every normal country and what happened

was that they were heavily sabotaged by the bureaucrats who weren't happy losing their influence. The media doesn't say it but that is what really happened and until the role and influence of bureaucrats is reduced don't expect anything to change and don't expect the LDP to carry that out, they will never, as it will lead to them losing power. Both the LDP and the Bureaucrats care more about the LDP voter base and retaining their power and influence than the well being of the entire nation. If you are asked to name one policy that involves J-inc and the J-public that favored the J-public over J-inc I bet you, you won't come up with one.

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The regional party she founded, Tomin First no Kai, did unexpectedly well in the metropolitan assembly election, fanning speculation she may attempt a return to national politics.

I am lost on what doing well is, when a party that lost so many seats is considered as having done


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It's not so much a gamble as pure Cynicism. Suga knows that any bump in infections can and will be blamed on "outside people" (if you get my drift), while the majority of Japanese will, having been quietly against these silly Olympics beforehand, then go on to cheer their hearts out for their local "country people" Olympic favorites. (Clap!-clap!-clap!)

Plus there's the Pride Factor. Once this is in the history books, Suga can expect local people to come away with the "that wasn't so bad, actually sometimes good, and could've been much worse" attitude: thus prior nervousness will turn into a post-event revisionist covering for a Games that, after all, were held in the name of the "local people". (Did you know that Japanese are quite good at revising history? It's true.)

This pride, coupled with vaccinations availability ramping up around the country throughout the summer, and a political opposition that fails to score even 20% support for the largest of their parties (who refuse to unite into a Necessary Single Opposition), and Suga's Cynisism will probably keep his loses to a minimum, i.e. an LDP-Komeito reduced majority - and that's all Suga needs to receive a fresh "gaman" mandate and claim victory in the fall...

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IOC's gamble will pay off for IOC, no question about that

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That’s no gambling. That’s intentionally spreading viruses and setting many people into higher levels of danger that this biohazard has in store for all of us. But there’s the difference, if you would spread it you are sanctioned or punished one way or another, but they are even not in the necessity to care about being re-elected.

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Upon taking office last September, Suga's strategy had been to vaccinate the population against COVID-19 as quickly as possible, stage a successful games to get a boost in public sentiment, and dissolve the House of Representatives for a general election to consolidate his grip on the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

I call BS. He took office in September, vaccinations started in February. In December, Japan noticed it did not have the deep freezers required by the vaccines. In February, Japan noticed that it did not have the adequate seringes. In March, they wanted to push MyNumber onto the local authorities which pushed back as it would just add to the red tape and ultimately hamper the vaccination process. Then, vaccinations just slowly truddled along until May when the LDP got worried that they might need to postpone the Olympics again.

"And that may actually still work, particularly if Japan happens to get a big medal haul," said Hitoshi Komiya, a professor of Japanese political history at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo. "People won't have anywhere to go because of the state of emergency, so there will be a lot of them watching at home on TV."

Not so sure about that either. The Japanese started to like VOD (Netlifx, etc). Not even to mention that recently they stopped giving a damn about the government's urgings and try to go back to their normal lives. The Olympics are most likely the last thing on anybody's to-do list. Also, last year, we did not have the Olympics but a lost of commercials about them. This year we will have the Olympics but much less advertisement about them. Sponsors and partners seem to not want to irk consumers more than they want to.

"Why are the Olympics being given special treatment? He needs to explain the reasoning better," Komiya said.

Infectious disease experts including Suga's own COVID-19 adviser, Shigeru Omi, have warned the Olympics could become a launch pad for infections to skyrocket, especially considering the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant of the virus first detected in India.

The above, is more likely on most people's minds. Which resulted in this:

The public dissatisfaction came to a head in this month's election for the Tokyo metropolitan assembly, where the LDP and its coalition partner Komeito failed to win a majority of seats despite forecasts for a solid victory.

Suga is just a placeholder, chosen by the 3 faction leaders: Hosoda, Aso and Nikai. He got chosen in emergency as it became a necessity to pull the rug under Abe who became too unpopular for comfort. Suga is now even less popular.

"Ultimately, the LDP has nothing to worry about," he added.

Well, depends on what you mean. Will the LDP win in a landslide? No. Will they lose their grip on power with another party getting the top job? Fat chance! But the LDP will get its feathers ruffled. The question remains : how much? Up to a "twisted parliament" (ネジレ国会)? I tend to doubt it, but who knows. But, if only some of the top oyajis would get forcefully sent to retirement (Hosoda (77), Aso (80), Nikai (82) ) or a few ones to early retirement (essentially Abe and his cronies the ones currently in charge of this disaster) it would be nice.

But I'm not holding my breath...

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Short answer: No, it will not.

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Will Suga's Olympic gamble pay off?

yes, big time!

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Whether it pays off or not is not the issue. The fact that he is willing to gamble in the first place is the problem. We don't have a crystal ball, so he's just simply saying he doesn't care about the lives of Japanese residents.

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This article and it’s premise is disgusting in my opinion. Gambling at a black jack table in Macau with poker chips is one thing however the consequences of losing this “gamble” are deaths and financial impacts to a lot of people.

What this article does demonstrate very well is how little the LDP thinks of the good and hard working Japanese people.

To the LDP the Japanese city are just pawns or “subjects” for their use to enrich themselves financially or stoke their egos.

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It would help if the opposition weren't so clueless

The LDP have their faults but remember when the DPJ had the reins? Everyone just switched straight back to the LDP the next chance they got

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People won't have anywhere to go because of the state of emergency so there will be a lot of them watching at home on TV.

LOL. The soe is just bars shutting after 8pm, what does this guy think people do during their summer vacation? Well maybe this is the life of the average LDP voter.

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Pretty optimistic.

”My bar is likely to go out of business unless I flout the official government request, I can’t get a Covid jab because my ward is out of vaccine, and we’re about to let thousands of foreigners into the country, many of whom are not familiar with the way to behave in Japan, not to mention in the middle of an upswing in cases during a worldwide pandemic.

However, if a bunch of musclebound oafs win some shiny medal things, I will gladly overlook all that, wage m flag around, and vote LDP for the rest of my life”.

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Isn't there like a 2 weeks quarantine period for people that come from abroad? Are all of the teams here already quarantining because there are less than 2 weeks to the Olympics? Unfair and I can gamble on several events being cancelled or postponed due to athletes getting covid and/or breaking protocol. It is going to be messy.

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Well, it'll pay HIM off, to an extent. Won't pay off for Japan, though. Not one bit. And the finger pointing that is going to ensue in 29 days... wow.

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Betting on Suga is a loser bet, as I said before. Simply told.

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"Ultimately, the LDP has nothing to worry about," he added.

THIS, is the key point in the entire article! The rest is all background to it!

Until the people open their eyes and realize that THEIR representative in the LDP IS the problem

they will never stop voting them, the LDP, into office! Oh a few headliners in the party might lose, but far from enough to actually make a difference.

Either way, I will bet that Suga is done!

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Everybody hopes against hope this gamble will work out, because the consequences of losing that bet are more unnecessary deaths and economic losses. Unfortunately it seems more and more clear that betting against the professional opinion of experts is going to have very negative consequences, both for him and for the country.

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When there's a question in the headline the answer is always no.

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Clearly the olympic gamble has hurt Japans people & business etc, but sadly I doubt it will affect voting much(hope I am 100% wrong!)

The last line sums it up sadly:

"Ultimately, the LDP has nothing to worry about," he added.

I have watched the ldp get away with the unthinkable many many MANY times.......

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People won't have anywhere to go because of the state of emergency, so there will be a lot of them watching at home on TV.

Not in this household.

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On the topic of Gambling&Games, perhaps SugaLuigi here is just ‘playing the hand’ AbenoMario ‘left on the table’, while possibly ‘attending to some other ‘sewer troubles’ down the pipe?

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“Gambling with the lives of hundreds of thousands of people”

millions may be more accurate given the population density of Tokyo.

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It would be nice to think the LDP bureaucrats that oversaw the debacle that is the Tokyo Olympics would be transparent and show where tax moneys were spent, and which corporations and individuals received the money. And it would also be nice to think Japan had a free-press allowed to find who got paid, and could freely report what they learned.

Same with regard to learning why the vaccine rollout was so badly blundered.

And it would be even nicer to think Japanese voters would question the LDP pols connected in any way with the Olympics and the pandemic blunders and would vote out those LDP pols connected with all the recent mistakes.

And even better if voters would be able to have a slate of candidates who want to serve the general population, not just Japan, Inc. and the ruling caste.

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Olympic gamble pay off?

Gamble or not, Covid-19 and its new variants they just keep infecting people,

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