With two ministers gone, Abe tries to prevent repeat of history

By Noriyuki Suzuki

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Hiroshi Hirano, a political psychology professor at Gakushuin University, said the Cabinet's support ratings staying relatively high reflect voters' "passive" endorsement amid a lack of viable alternatives.

That’s it in a nutshell. Passive endorsement, the shoganai ‘it’ll do mentality’. Even change for the better rocks the boat and is all on the mendokusai spectrum.

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The abrupt resignations triggered a sense of deja vu among Japanese voters who still remember Abe's previous stint between 2006 and 2007 that was cut short by a succession of cabinet ministers stepping down over scandals and gaffes.

In 2007 Toshikatsu Matsuoka, the Minister for Agriculture, hanged himself in his office hours before he was due to face questioning in the Diet over a corruption scandal. In 2018 a Finance Ministry employee in Osaka with links to the Moritomo Gakuen scandal hanged himself in his house. One wonders how many more politicians, staffers, bagmen and bureaucrats have kicked the chair away under Abe and his wife?

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Right wing leader, corruption and staff turnover. Where else have I heard that?

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I'm determined to fulfill my responsibility for running the government."

Haven't been doing a very good job of it have you?

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Barring any cataclysmic gaffe Abe will remain in power due to his grip on the media and the fact that he has deep support amongst power brokers for his quest to amend the Constitution.

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"It reported that the campaign of his wife paid staffers an allowance exceeding the legally allowed limit."

She paid them 18,500 Yen about $185


" He also allegedly gave potatoes as gifts to voters in his constituency."

Lock them for $185 and potatoes.

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I don’t think they should call it the approval rating in Abe’s case it should be called the tolerance rating because nobody in their right mind could approve of the effects that Abenomics has had except the rich and ‘elite’,of course.

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Been in power way too long. Rotting out from the inside now.

When are the Japanese going to give up the one party state they have "voted" for since

the end of WW2? Not that much different from China really.

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A few years back Abe let go a minister hired out of Yamato City (Kanagawa-ken) where I live for stealing 1 million in Yen. HIs name is Amari. His posters are still posted freshly all over Yamato City. I hate seeing his face, but one is not allowed to touch a political poster, or things could get worse than in North Korea for defacing or taking a poster!

This guy was a blatant thief, and is still being voted in to his position as head of Yamato City. I really do not understand this at all.

SO this article is partially false in that it only talks of recent issues and not all of the others from the past with the men...MEN Abe-kun hires.

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All the talk be as it may I though like the car he's in.

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That's one weird photo.

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Looks like he's in the back of a hearse. Oh, that it were so...

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Apathy has seized the nation. Seems pretty clear that short of an armed revolution, the corrupt old guard is not going to be booted out from power. And who wants an armed revolution?

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Can't vote - for to me, there's as much Democracy here as there is within China or North Korea.

And no matter what Foreigner's rant about here... it matters not to the locals.

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