Withdrawal of immigration bill underscores Suga's precarious standing


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"The problem is how do we get them to release the video footage now?"

the j-system obscurity is obscene.

they don't serve us, fire all immigration agents related to this death for starters.

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The approval rating for Suga's Cabinet fell to 41.1 percent in a Kyodo News poll conducted last weekend, down from 44.0 percent in April.

Unbelievable that it is not lower.

Is Suga breathing all it takes to gain these people's approval?

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the j-system obscurity is obscene.

similar to China.

they don't serve us, fire all immigration agents related to this death for starters.

In a developed nation that's what would happen

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""But the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and its allies demanded the government first address allegations that a Sri Lankan woman was mistreated while being held in an immigration facility before her death in March.""

It sure looks like the LDP is hiding something about her death!, so it is better to withdraw the bill than to face public outrage over the woman's death and the video.

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Just matter of time those oppositions forget this too and start checking SNS again, hop on other trends. These oppositions don't even get why they have been carrying these stupidly low rating. They know problems exist there. What the biggest opposition party should do is to counter-propose their own immigration bill to solve this and other issues one by one if they want to win trust of voters and to let media broadcast they are not forgetting issues and trying to solve them. No way CDPJ would be able to rule the country this way. In the same sense, media, more or less the same, would forget this soon.

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Japan has an obligation to take in much more refugees and their families from third world nations.

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"This time around, we should avoid showing the Japanese people any confusion."

yeah, because supposedly supporting human rights but supporting the LDP’s attempt to ram it through, then pulling back and pretending it was not a priority to begin with and that’s why... you supported it?... is not at all confusing the people or showing how vapid and power hungry you are.

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All passed down from Abe.

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Anything and everything concerning foreigners is inconsequential and of no importance to the Japanese establishment

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J gov should be open and accountable. In other countries the government would be answerable to parliament. And there would be votes of no confidence.

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