For sake of G20 unity, Japan aims to keep conflicts backstage


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Darn. Here I was thinking this would be a story about finally cleaning up the castle moat. That icky green has got to go. Instead...world peace.

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Wait. Isn’t the purpose of the G20 to discuss the type of issues Japan wants to avoid discussions on?

Wasn't it created to bring the world together under one roof to discuss issues and hopefully find results?

I guess it will now become a drinking party and an opportunity to hangout in different countries together.

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Abe better get used to hearing and saying NO. No to pressure on North Korea, No to compensation claims to South Korea. No to trade deal with US-China. No to the Kuril islands so No to a peace treaty.

Maybe yes to VIP goody bags with Olympic tickets...

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The headline sums up these leaders and meetings very well - all retoric and image is everything - no substance on the things that matter - tackling inequality, climate change, reducing the power and reach of the global corporations.

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Difference of thinking. If it had been me, I would have gotten the "conflicts" out in the open. But that may be difficult to do because the sources of the "conflicts" are not going to be at the G20 meeting. Too many puppets and the actual players are in hiding!

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G20 (Gn) is a total waste of time and money.  Nothing concrete ever comes of these "summits"

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When Japan hosts the Group of 20 summit this week for the first time, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will put his coordination skills to the test....

Well, looks like they are already getting everyone ready to make excuses when things dont go their way!

If Abe had any "coordination" skills he would have came away with something from the summit in Iran, would have already had a meeting with Kim, would have already changed the constitution, would have already seen the economy grow, would have already had equality for women in the workplace, ...need I go on?

Abe is just going to be putting his "urges" to the test!

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Russia, Saudi Arabia

Ugh. Memories of that ill-advised hi-five still linger. I wonder will human rights and the murder of journalists be addressed?

Rhetorical question - we alreadly know the answer.

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G20 under Japan is shuffling climate change under the carpet because it is too embarrassing, while it is a major funder of coal fired electric generation both abroad and at home.

Japan has huge wind, solar and even tidal potential which the government ignores while building yet more coal fired plants.

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That photo makes me cringe. Those divers should be in full toxic kit made for diving in sewers. That mote is a stinky and dirty eyesore. With all the technology and money Japan claims to have you'd think they would put a few aerators and filters in that water so it didn't resemble a large pool of cess. Although, perhaps, the disgusting state of the water is part of the defense.

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englisc aspyrgend:

Well, at least the castle moat's green.

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What does G mean?

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The photo looks very "scoutish".

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"We want to make it a meeting that focuses on where we can agree and cooperate rather than highlighting differences," In other words we will not discuss anything that might embarrass the US. If you agree and cooperate there is not need for a summit.

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Exactly riperez, The most important things that could be discussed are those they disagree on. Perhaps then one side could convince the others and some progress could be made.

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For sake of G20 unity, Japan aims to keep conflicts backstage

In other words, Japan wants to do behind closed door deals.

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Osaka is expected to see a flurry of diplomatic activity among the G-20 leaders, possibly a summit between Trump and Putin as well.

There's nothing odd about this. 

Every President meets with his campaign manager to discuss reelection strategies.

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G20 (Gn) is a total waste of time and money. Nothing concrete ever comes of these "summits"

Yes. You're absolutely right.

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despite a plethora of summits over the last half century, of various groups, factions alignments, and conglomerates, on subjects as diverse as nuclear weaponry, global trade, bird flu, and the environment, the world seems to be in a bit of a mess in all sorts of respects.   imagine how bad things would be without the tirelessly selfless efforts of all those leaders, representatives, statesmen (and the odd woman).

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so, are the delegates aiming to take a break from their demanding schedule of putting the world to rights in order to go punting at Ōsaka Castle? or what?

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"The global situation is severe. If the G20 breaks apart, say in the field of the economy or security, it will be over," Abe said.

What exactly will be over?

The delusional mindset that politicians have that speaks to self importance is slightly hubristic!

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This is what trump said this morning in a Interview for tv.

Japan would rather sit at home and watch WW3 on their Sony TV'S than come to the aid of the US.

Why should we have to sit back and take this terrible insult to our country?

If I could I would Shut down the american embassy's, close off the water and power to all american military bases

expel the american ambassador and all the staff.

I have never in all my 64 years been so offended by anything like this insult to Japan.

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Exclude trump, then there will be no conflicts. Simple.

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