Suga calls for supplementary budget to stimulate economy


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Who is he again? Current PM? Current ministry?

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Kishida has said the package will be designed to help Japan's economy recover from the coronavirus pandemic and focus on four areas -- higher crude oil prices, stable food supplies, funding support for smaller firms and assistance to people in need.

The first three will be almost instantaneous with taxpayer funds transmitted to farmers and businesses.

The last part will be minimal, an afterthought and extremely difficult to access for the public.

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There is already pressure that stimulus over rising energy costs, in general, and fuel costs in particular, is not providing an incentive to consumers to conserve more and consume less. There are some who wish to discuss some method of rationing, as incentive. Stay tuned, since this subject may come up during the suplementary budget talks.

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Where'd he come from? Hahahahaahaaa!

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How about reining in the rising yen first.

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Suga he's back !

Just in time .

Go back to sleep !

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Who is he again? Current PM? Current ministry?

he’s the guy who took the stick over the pandemic olympics while Abe and wife were dodging criminal charges and Abe’s puppet Kishida will roll over when Abe makes a comeback in a year or two.

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Suga, the once seat warmer, anticipating Kishida's arrival. Incredibly inept and a near disaster. Another aged politico who needs to retire to the countryside, along with Abe. Suga was Abe's factotum and it should be well-remembered.

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"It's very important to take action aimed at invigorating the economy,"

Because government spending in Japan has made Japan’s economy the envy of the developed world, year after year that they have played this card…

Come on. Why is the Japanese parliament so full of “yes men”?

How about the government not waste our resources instead for a change, and we see how that works? You know, a neoliberal approach….

How about reining in the rising yen first.

I guess you meant to say refloat the sinking yen?

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Suga need to be stimulated with fake money

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Remove consumption tax on food and non alcoholic drinks. That would help everyone. Especially low income families.

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Suga said that before or after his last steak dinner?

Nevermind just keep printing what these has beens have uttered and keep the taxes rising.


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