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Former Japanese defense minister Onodera to take post again: NHK

By Elaine Lies

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The question in my mind after reading the article is how these new "cabinet ministers" will help the country.

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Abe appears to prefer the safety of cabinet veterans over the appeal of fresh faces, who could bring with them the risk of more gaffes and scandals.

Love that. Because none of this cabal of geriatrics has ever made a gaffe or been caught with their fingers in the till.

Why is Taro "Why don't we learn from the Nazis?" Aso still in his job, if Abe wants to avoid further gaffes?

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recycling old garbage..great

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Why is Taro "Why don't we learn from the Nazis?" Aso still in his job

Let's not forget, this genius was PM once as well!

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Recently, when it comes to commenting on JT political reports, it's a case of "difficile est saturam non scribere".

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 Motegi, who studied at Harvard and supervised the clean-up of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor during his tenure as trade minister, would take over as economy minister from Nobuteru Ishihara.

Which qualifies him to be in charge of the economy? How?

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Just more ongoing distractions from the scandals surrounding Abe, his cabinet and the LDP. Has he been receiving some coaching from Trump ?

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Cue musical chairs music... and add a few chairs to guarantee the same old codgers get guaranteed seats.

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Watching the speculation about the reshuffle on NHK news shows the same old faces with different job descriptions under the photos.

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will appoint Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida to a senior party post, while former Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera will take up the position again in a cabinet reshuffle,

Rad, man. Really blows my mind!

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Inept and incompetent geriatrics with a history of total failure in everything they do. If all the "new" cabinet members were replaced by junior high school children, Japan would have a more effective and competent cabinet to govern. The so-called "leaders" are worse than useless. Put them all in a ship and send it out to sea and sink it. Younger generations need to step up, completely and permanently gut the current system and start from scratch. We need competent candidates who govern in a system where there is fairness and total accountability. Without total and irreversible change, Japan will continue to slide away and remain a political laughing stock.

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Have a close relative who was a politician.

Be owed a favour from an incumbent politician, e.g. getting them votes.

Have apologised, and been rehabilitated from a previous political gaffe.

Know virtually about almost anything.

Any one of these is a plus for a budding politician here, multiples ensure success.

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All good but who will become prime minister?

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