Former Japanese foreign minister passes message to Putin


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Obama's strategy of isolating Putin doesn't seem to be working so well.

America's top ally in the Pacific just snubbed them.

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"Message in a bottle"?

No, just an envelope with a personal message. Wonder how much Abe is offering in exchange for the islands.

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I think Russia is tired of the 'we want all 4 islands back' stance of Japan and cannot be bothered with them anymore.

Russia should insist that before discussing the 4 Kurile island problem, Japan has to state that it will enter the talks on the understanding that the 1955 Russian Japanese accord, Russia will return 2 of the islands, is the valid basis of the discussions and the only thing to discuss is when Japan will get those 2 islands back.

Japanese diplomats suck at discussion skills which seem to have only 3 formats

We are right, you are wrong.....

We will listen to you , but not change or initial stance....

Japan is unique, therefore......
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Obama's strategy of isolating Putin doesn't seem to be working so well.

America's top ally in the Pacific just snubbed them.

Just by passing notes

Wow, grasping at straws

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Useless Japanese.

Got 2 USA atom bombs, Little Boy and Fat Man. Losing the WWII and all 4 kuril Islands to Russia and cannot take them back after over 70 years.

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The only way that Russia would return all 4 islands is if the US withdraws all troops from Japan. Without that, the only incentive would be for Russia to return 2 of the 4.I am sure Japan would rather get just 2 northern islands and keep the US military presence, because of China.

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Again, Russia won't budge on this one. China has massive undeclared territorial ambitions on much of Russia east of Lake Baikal. Any sign of Russian weakness and the Chinese will start putting the pressure on.

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There's nothing to suggest that Russia "won't budge" o this issue. No question that Russia is concerned about it's fareast territories. But that concern is not a fear of Japan or the US. It is China's aspirations which has been a stickler since the late 1960s.If China's East and South China Seas advance is stopped/contained by the US and it's allies, China may turn it's eyes towards the Russian fareast. A relationship with Japan would go very far in controlling China's naval capabilities in the area. So yes, there is something to gain for Russia.

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Two islands seems fair to me as long as they allow former island residents to return. I doubt many if any would want to return so it should not be a problem. Sign the peace treaty and move forward

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