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Former Japanese lawmaker Yukiko Miyake found dead in suspected suicide


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Well that is too bad. I wonder what drove her to suicide? RIP.

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Poor woman. I feel so sorry for her, whether or not she chose to die, and whatever her reasons if she did so.

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Sad indeed....

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... may her soul rest in peace.

We live in a cruel world. People shouldn't be driven to such actions.

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Take the easy way out,

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@ Yrral

you have no idea what you are talking about and have obviously lived a lucky easy sheltered life to make such an obtuse comment. Life is hard, life is suffering as Buddha said, some take it better than others.

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So sad at a time when Japan really needs people like her. I've seen at least one right wing politician gloat over it as well, such an awful situation

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While on the whole I concur with the traditional view that suicide is the cowards way out, nonetheless I feel sympathy for anyone who is so desperate as to contemplate it and more so for those they leave behind.

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Take the easy way out,

There's nothing easy about ending one's life. It's not done on a whim, you know.

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Well saidToasted.

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may she rest in peace

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