Former PM Fukuda to meet Chinese president next week


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Great choice....might have well as sent Mori, but he is too busy messing up the 2020 Olympics.

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What's Fukuda going to do? take the job and then quit a few minutes later?

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smithinjapan, Fukuda is just a messenger to deliver a msg for Abe, so don't shoot him. :)

Hopefully, Japan and China can turn a new page next month, and let let bygones be bygones.

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It will be great for China and Japan to take baby steps towards reconciliation and cooperation. Hopefully Abe doesn't say or do anything to mess it all up. He definitely knows what he can do to stir up a Chinese ruckus. A Sino-Japan partnership can be positive for both US and EU economically.

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China has it's 10-20-40 year plans and they pretty much stick to it. Coddling with neighbors is necessary to further their plans, then they do it. The Hong Kong democracy demonstrations, minor Islamic terrorist, other World economy issues, those are things the deal with along the way to their goal, which is China being the number one Economic & Military Power in the World by mid century. Japan and all other Nation's need to realize China long term goals and deal with it accordingly. All the nice nice talk is just that...talk. Remember when China bought the aircraft carrier from Russia, China publicly came out and said, no worries, we're going to build a Casino out of it..... and what did China do? Retrofit it and now it's an warship once again and they reversed engineered it to build their own. China's goals.

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