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Fossil fuel pledges divide G7 in 'critical decade' for climate

By Katie Forster and Etienne Balmer

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Instead of bickering over empty pledges, all nations could simply work as best they can in the direction of greener energy, and in supporting the developing world in doing so. Stopping the loss of rainforest and other habitats in the developing world needs to be prioritised. That's where most of these green resources are, but the developing world is too poor and too corrupt to stop the destruction without the offer of serious cash if they really do it.

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A google search shows that Japan is making significant progress towards getting off of coal.

In 2014, about 12% of the energy generated in Japan was from renewables.

In 2020, the figure was 20.8%, and

in 2021, the figure was about 22.4%.

The problem seems to be that we now realize that the threat from global warming is so severe that the transition rate toward renewables needs to accelerate.

There is also the problem that in places that are still reliant on burning coal, there is often a lack of vision about how to get off of coal. I reminded of what is happening here in the States. The leaders of Florida, where they got 30% of their electricity from coal in 2010, have been publicly telling us in California that we will not be able to get off of coal. What they have ignored is that we are already almost entirely off of coal. We went from over 20% a few decades ago, to less than half a percent today, with the last coal plant scheduled to close in a few years.

To go back on my favorite hobby horse, Japan, like California, could get a lot more of its energy from geothermal sources. We get about 6% of our energy that way, more than any other entity on Earth. Japan gets less than half a percent from geothermal, but could get much more. By the way, the US, even counting California's geothermal production, is just barely ahead of Japan in the production of electricity from geothermal, as a percentage.

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Rarely mentioned, transition takes investment/money! If you're demand for energy's shrinking, MUCH harder to justify from financial standpoint.

Imagine you're an old guy with K-car, don't drive much, really that motivated to buy a new expensive EV? Probably you're downsizing to an electric wheelchair!

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"We're trying to avoid going backwards" on pledges, she told AFP. "Japan is certainly the biggest obstacle -- and this year it is G7 president."

Japan has been going backwards for decades now-one direction

Japan needs to be hammered down instead of sticking out so much!

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Who cares if the sea level rises by 2 inches.

"Oh, it will flood hundreds of millions from their homes!" What a bunch of horse crap. The moon changes the sea level in coastal areas in a magnitude of METERS every single day.

If the G7 can't make up their minds, maybe Leonardo DiCaprio can use 34,000 pounds of jet fuel to fly over there in his private jet to convince them to do the right thing and save the whales in the rainforest or whatever.

Go pound sand.

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1glenn, I believe Iceland is the global leader in use of geothermal power

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Nobody ever said this transition would be easy or smooth in nature, but Mother nature's not waiting around!

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Methane not only create global warming,it is responsible for the death of almost 18000 cows,that were BBQ in a dairy fire in Texas Google Texas Dairy Cow Death

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How about not spending anymore of our money in the Ukraine war but on making us solar panels cheaper?

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