FSA will no longer make reference to post-retirement savings estimate


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So the government wants to push under the rug the fact that people can’t afford retirement? This is a huge issue all over the world right now. Not just Japan. People here need to become more financially literate.

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What shame that the truth "runs counter to the government's official view".

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I have no hope they're going to fix this properly, the government is probably going to try to turn the country into Qatar with immigration to pay for all the social care costs and pensions

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The Financial Services Agency has decided it will no longer make reference to a controversial estimate that a retired couple that lives to be 95 years old would need at least 20 million yen aside from their benefits under Japan's public pension system.

Citing an example of a couple in which the man is aged 65 or older and the woman 60 or older, the draft report estimated they would face a monthly shortfall of 50,000 yen if they depended only on their pensions.

FSA just doing their job, so people can prepare their retirement knowing that Japanese Pension system can not be adequate for their retirement and giving estimation how much extra saving they need to live on.

From some old people unfortunately they will have more guarantee for their needs in jail


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So if you don't like the truth, just close your eyes tightly?

Got it.

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Scared the sheet out of the public by telling them something they should have known so keep your mouth shut from now on.

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Classic, we don't (Government) like the truth. So shut up. The government are so assign they don't even care about the people. They will continue to gouge the population with out a monicommon of care. Population shrinking no problem just work untill 70+

you payments towards retirement best not to ask about that.

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What shame that the truth "runs counter to the government's official view".

Not exactly the first time nor only a Japanese tactic.

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