Fujimura under fire for gaffe on N Korean rocket launch


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He said such a silly thing in Osaka? laugh away....Osaka is land of Yoshimoto comedy !

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Well yes, I'm willing to accept that he misspoke. Nobody wants to see NK launch a missile. Politicians do have to be more careful than other humans about what they say, however, or even what they don't say, since opponents stand ready to misunderstand them, especially if it helps their campaign.

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Bet his words are being taken out of context and twisted by twats on twitter.

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People, lets face the facts, no matter how much barking there's going to be, DRK is going ahead with the launch; you can hold the minister liable if anyone at all had something on the table to convince them not to, outside threats, threats and more threats to shoot the rocket down. It's a déjà vu situation and sad to say, all the barking is just playing to the galley.

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Abe: "We cannot defend Japan with such a chief cabinet secretary"

I gotta go with Abe on this one.

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but it's like sying "do it right away" when a person is trying to push you (do) something by showing of "if not i will cut my list"

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It's only a "gaffe" because he made the mistake of saying what any politician (including the LDP) would be thinking.

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Surely he was thinking only about his local supporters when he made that awful remark. Big mistake.

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Idiots are born every second.

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Gaffe, indeed. なんでやねん!

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