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Fukuda, Bush discuss N Korea, climate change


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"soaring food prices"

If so much of the corn crop wasn't used to make ethanol, which is not a clean burning fuel, the price of corn wouldn't be sky high.

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Correction if so much farm substities would not be paid to the farmers NOT to grow crops, then maybe there would be more food out there. Hm what an idea being a farmer and growing crops rather than getting government welfare money not to grow crops.......

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So now North Korea is demoted from membership in the "Axis of Evil" to what? The "Axis of pretty bad?"

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So now North Korea is demoted from membership in the "Axis of Evil" to what? The "Axis of pretty bad?"

Yeah that is until they finish their "Stimulus package" and need more, then they will start doing same thing again and become part of the "Axis of Evil" until more oil and other things are given to them. It's a virtuous cycle ;)

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Love to have been a fly on the wall and heard these two great leaders talk all about NK.

I think it would have sounded something like this..........


It was nappy time for those two.............

They could care less about the issue.....One wants a legacy and the other needs votes for the security council seat.

They would sell out Japan and its people to China and SK in a heart beat.

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