Fukuoka declares bid to host G7 summit in 2023


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enough already with international events!

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Agreed........just do it online from now on and save all the taxpayers a bunch of cash.

But it just feels so much better to have a junket overseas so guess its back 5 star jet setting for the pollies.

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Well, it would be a lot different from always going through Tokyo.

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As much as Fukuoka could use the attention, I honestly wish these events would stop -- their only purpose seems to be to give the National Police Agency an opportunity to waste taxpayer money and block off roads and hassle people on the street in places as far away as Sapporo and Tokyo.

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G-7 meetings:

1979: Tokyo

1986: Tokyo

1993: Tokyo

2000: Okinawa

2008 Hokkaido

2016: Mie prefecture

2023: Japan somewhere

Essentially, it's a routine every 7-8 years. Therefore, nothing extraordinary, buuuuut, yes, frankly, between FIFA World Cup 2012 (Yokohama), World Rugby Cup 2019 , Olympics 2020 (Tokyo), G7 2023, World Expo 2025 (Osaka), Winter Olympics 2030 (tentat. Sapporo) it would be nice if Japan would like, let other countries have a go at it trying to attract attention by splashing huge amount of tax-payers' money at international events...

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