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FY2018 wasteful tax spending in Japan 2nd lowest in decade


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Was this story paid for with tax money?

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Why don’t I trust this story? The truth? The whole truth? Nothing but the truth? So help me ???

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So the pathetic "freeway" that you have to pay for between Aso sans and Abe sans electorate is not waistful? Or the usless vetenary school, mmmm think news stories are waistful when obviously biased to the ruling class.

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Just just wait till the 2021 audit comes out on Tokyo Olympic spending. Fun times, all around.

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87.4 billion yen!

My bet is that two-plane Abe already knows it!!!

People of Japan being duped time and time again...

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I think we need an auditor for the AUDITORS!!!

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Not bad. Here the US military in the 1980's paid 800.00 dollars for a wrench.

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