A Japan Coast Guard vessel and security personnel patrol the sea near the venue of the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting in Fukuoka on Sunday. Photo: AP/Eugene Hoshiko

G20 talks trade, finance as Japan prepares for Osaka summit

By Elaine Kurtenbach

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China raised tariffs on rare earth exports to the U.S. and threatened to halt exports altogether.

This needs to be verified.

I’ve only read that the US leaves rare earth exports off the tariffs list and China explores possibility of restricting rare earths Yet this was brought to the WTO in the 2012 and China lost. It is only speculation.

Whereas the Chinese government can buy up Chinese-made products that previously would have been sold to the U.S., thereby preventing mass unemployment and social turmoil, the U.S. government could scarcely do the same for American workers displaced by the loss of the Chinese market.

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What can Japan do ? Small nations are at the mercy of big nations, that is the rule of law that Abe talks bout.

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What can Japan do ? Small nations are at the mercy of big nations, that is the rule of law that Abe talks bout.

Oh, now you want to play the "Japan is a small country and can't do anything card", when on other days you brag about the "power" and "strength" of Japan? Which is it?

Abe is the last person on earth to be talking about "rule of law", if he had been following the "law" he would have been ousted as PM years ago. Abe plays by Abe's rules.

And if you think Japan is a "small" nation, then the world only has two, China and the US, because Japan is No 3 economically speaking, and "land" size has NOTHING to do with trade.

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The China today still keep history of the pass alive .The reason China can rein so long because of understanding the important of history the atrocities of those western country include some Asian country collude with the west commit the crime. The most important for China are to become self reliance China never invade any country beyond it boundary .If China have the mentality like the west most Asian country will be colonies including Japan .That why from the perspective of China policies you don't do unto us we leave you alone ..West especially either ignorance or intention exclude a lot of their wrong doing in the past. Therefore majority of those country citizen hardly have a clue of one example the opium war even japanese in general also do not especially Japan have every intention to erase their wrong doing . Ignorance of history will bring the down fall of nation. The China market are huge and China government intend to improve the living standard of the citizen first .Priority for the goal of fomer Deng premier policies. The growth of a self reliance china and Taiwan are off the table .If the west still think bully tactic work they are on for a surprise.

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