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G-7 foreign ministers call for nuclear disarmament in Hiroshima declaration


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The army recognized by June 1945 that to continue the war to the end was technically impossible due to the lack of numerical strength of the army left. The crucial point was how to surrender and preserve the emperor as the head of the state. The Allies did not make it clear whether they would secure the position of the emperor after Japan surrendered. That was the sole condition that Japan set for surrender, something more important than seppuku of the nation. And when the Japanese leadership was disputing over the matter, the atomic bombings were dropped.

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How to surrender talk? We were ordered to perform seppuku( harakiri) to become 100 million jewel after we died. Slogan is IchiOku GyokuSui. No surrender plan. Prime minister suicided but we did not. Our city people rumored Yankees from Temple chan country can not be as bad as Nippon Guntai...

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Atomic bombings did not shorten the war or save the Allied solders. The atomic bombs were dropped just when the Japanese leadership was heatedly discussing on how to surrender, not continue the war with the emperor preserved as the head of the state.

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Don't hold your breath. Hiroshima A-bomb happened for a very good reason, to save allied soldiers.

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The reporter of the AP didn't mention what drew the attention of Japanese media. G7 Hiroshima Declaration in the English text says in its first paragraph "The people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki experienced immense devastation and human suffering as a consequence of the atomic bombings." The same part in the Japanese text reads "原爆投下で広島と長崎は甚大な壊滅と非人間的な苦難という結末を経験した". "Human suffering" is worded as "inhuman suffering (非人間的な苦難)" in Japanese. How human means inhuman, if not inhumane, is beyond me but smells of a strained parley between Kishida and the Department of State on how to articulate or equivocate a touchy matter.

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Why not Japan to be the first country to step out of her nuclear umbella or protections? That is the real definition of nuclear free 'World'!

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"U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said it’s essential to reduce the number of terrorists who may try to return home from Syria..."

"Home"? Ha! How did the did the terrorists end up in the countries that sentence defines as "home" in the first place? (hint: the west is not their "home," spiritually, culturally or geographically speaking)

None of the g7 leaders, especially Merkel, wold ever agree to touch on this question. And that's why there's no solution. It's only going to get worse.

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Take a cue from Nike, and 'just do it' already...

Otherwise, we'll have to wait for the computer overlord to do it.

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Nuclear disarmament? Sheer madness. Even utter stupidity. Leave all the Democratic nations vulnerable to those of Communist and terrorist mentalities? Where do these wimps and covert Communists get the gall to act like mentally deficient fools?

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Japanese companies helped Pakistan advance its nuclear program while Tokyo fought tooth and nail against any decommissioning. Lots of hypocrisy going on here.

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Never going to happen.

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Calling for nuclear disarmament while they keep their nuclear weapons active. The suited and tied clowns love insulting our intelligence.

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President candidate Donald Trump want Japan to build nuclear arm. If he wins, Japan is no more. Kaput. So please try everything to stop this madman!! China is friendly to Trump as hes just like them, reasonable businessman altho he talk trash abt unfair trade from china. But clinton is tough. So who should you all support readers. Think twice and dont blindly support trump.

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"In this historic meeting, we reaffirm our commitment to seeking a safer world for all and to creating the conditions for a world without nuclear weapons,”

Won't happen. Until the self proclaimed 'good countries' possess nuclear weapons their enemies won't accept not to have anything that can match this. It's a catch 22 situation. Only a more potent and destructive weapon could stop nations from wanting nuclear bombs.

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