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G20 unlikely to pressure Japan over weakening yen


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Japan has always been a team player with G20...................but now it needs to ensure its economic survival in these tenuous times . . esp versus manufacturing competitors like South Korea and China that artificially keep their Yuan and Won low.

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Everyone's been screwing in a big way with the yen for years, so they can't complain now about some movement in the other direction.

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The yen is too strong! The gravy train is over! A rate of $1 to 130 yen would be good.

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G20 should discuss green energy and carbon footprint reduction. Why isn't Japan using whats left of its nuclear program? China's smog problem, and the additional carbon output aren't doing any good.

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GOOD POINT, Alex Roncelli !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think the yen is perfect at the 100-110 range. It will give the Japanese manufacturers a better edge on export. Japan is becoming way too stagnant these days. Forget what G20 says, do whats right for Japan. Let the other countries worry about themselves.

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I quite enjoyed the yen when it was strong. Seems like I'll have to change my money back to yen again soon. Then I hope it strengthens again, because you sure ain't gonna earn a single yen leaving it sitting in a Japanese bank account doing nothing.

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