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G7 finance meeting marred by divisions over seizing Russian assets

By Andrea Shalal and Christian Kraemer

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Makes sense, you can't simply take things without due process and still claim to be "Democratic" unless you don't believe in due process and Democracy!

Russia's legal basis for supporting former Ukrainians achieve their legal independence for CAUSE (human, property & citizenship rights violations) is deemed legal by UN. After all, that's what happened in Yugoslavia.

Above must adjudicated, as Russia's documented their legal role at UN regarding this matter of supporting people's seeking their legal independence from Ukraine.

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Sieze the $400 billion Russian assets and give them to Ukraine.

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While I'd like all overseas Russian assets seized, if there isn't international law to back up that stance, it would make the countries doing the seizing no better than Russia and Russians, so it shouldn't be done.

Now, if an international court case is held with Russia able to PROVE their claims which caused them to invade, which is impossible, then that court decides the punitive damages should be awarded to those who are impacted, though seizure of Russian Govt assets, go for it.

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Russia has threatened major retaliation if the West proceeds with seizing the assets.

Bring. It. On. Convert the assets into landmines and artillery shells.

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