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G7 leaders to hold virtual meeting with Ukraine's Zelenskiy

By Sakura Murakami and John Geddie

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I wonder if they will discuss that disaster of an aborted virtual meeting yesterday with DC lawmakers that went horribly wrong where Zelensky cancelled at that last moment because of a mysterious "glitch". Whoa, what a plane crash that was; meant to mollify people but had the opposite effect.

Word is even Romney and Deb Fisher stormed out of the meeting - they were amongst the most pro-Kiev republicans - and the contempt and disdain is spreading fast. The administration really bungled it. The moderates sounded angrier than they've ever been.

Hopefully this online meeting won't descend into mutual acrimony and farce.

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Zelensky looks like he wants to fight someone. Who?

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clown worldToday 05:30 pm JST

Zelensky looks like he wants to fight someone. Who?

The country who has been viciously assaulting his, perhaps? Anybody can be made to look silly with a photograph taken at the wrong millisecond.

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Article titled "Republicans march out of Ukraine brief"

...Even some of the most ardent GOP backers of additional aid to Ukraine left the briefing upset...

Yesterday's meeting was a disaster that falls into the non-fiction section.

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Since Ukraine (and the support of Ukraine) was just a "sub-point" on the agenda .....

..... guess he had every right to cancel his video appearance.

More to come today - benefitting him and Ukraine!

The Russian aggressors living under the dictatorship of PUTAin must be defeated!

And it will happen.

Ukraine stays strong!

Ukraine prevails!

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This must be a group therapy session designed to unruffle feathers in certain quarters after that titanic-iceberg of yesterdays video conference and briefing hit at full speed.

No one buys that failing to appear was the fault of a technical glitch. There is something deeper. Something the administration didn't want even senior lawmakers to know which they are covering up. Many moderate Republicans stormed out visibly upset and lashed out to reporters; the anger was palpable.

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Showing that Ukraine is still high on the G7 agenda. Nobody is forgetting Russian forces continue their failed invasion of Ukraine. It seems the best they can do now is hang on to what they occupy. If they are lucky Ukraine might stop liberating its land km by km. Ukraine will continue until Russian forces are out of Ukraine territory. The G7 will continue to help Ukraine achieve its goal.

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Along the route of Putin's motorcade in the Emirates, there are flags of the Russian Federation, horses and camels with riders. Planes paint the colors of the Russian flag in the sky. The scope is completely unreal. Did you see how Putin ran down the plane? Predictably good shape :) Do you have anyone to compare it with? And here we are waiting for Zel to appear on the screen. And we are not sure what he will look like...

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Ukraine has not made any progress to even cross the Dnipiro into Crimea,it time to stop throwing good money after bad

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Russians must be pleased that the war is about to end and that Ukraine is about to be conquered and re-absorbed into the 2nd Soviet Empire.

This will be happening soon from what I read here.

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Bethany Elliott has an interesting piece over in UnHerd yesterday (https://unherd.com/thepost/is-ukraine-turning-on-volodymyr-zelenskyy/). In it she points out what is certainly undeniable signs of large cracks within the Ukrainian leadership. But starts out the piece with quite a jolt:

In his former life as a heavyweight boxer, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko landed some well-timed blows. But perhaps none have had as much impact as his recent comments regarding Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Castigating his leader as increasingly isolated and authoritarian, Klitschko claimed that “at some point we will no longer be any different from Russia, where everything depends on the whim of one man.” He added that “people wonder why we weren’t better prepared for this war”, and that Zelenskyy is “paying for mistakes he has made”.

And then she ends the piece:

Underpinning all of this, Zelenskyy’s excessive ambition is proving a point of contention. Back in October, an aide to the President told Time magazine, “He deludes himself. We’re out of options. We’re not winning. But try telling him that”.

Gives us food for thought, doesn’t it?

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At the moment, Ukraine is mercilessly bombing Donetsk. The city is in black smoke.

"The main thing is that we don't negotiate!

There are too many people who want to.

Just not negotiations!!! It's just prolongation, freezing of the war, Ukrainians will regroup and the next war will be much scarier

To finish off both the act of surrender and partition

There should be no Ukraine". This is an opinion from Telegram and the prevailing opinion of the majority of Russian citizens. So...

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Probably a good idea for Zelensky to not leave the country right now and retain power.

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proxyToday 01:36 am JST

Probably a good idea for Zelensky to not leave the country right now and retain power.

Nonsense. There is no credible opposition at the moment.

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Ukraine doesn’t have the manpower to continue to resist Russia.

Thankfully peace will return soon.

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