Gazprom targets Asian liquefied gas market


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It is very sad to see modern countries that have a common history of having been pioneers of the Industrial Age, and then 140 years later, they are still addressing their energy demands by just burning a candle ?? Into sequestrating oxygen while they have the know how for hydrogen energy, wind power, geothermal, of all countries aside Iceland , Japan should be at the forefront of geothermal. (Just shows that politicians make the calls on how the economy will be run, may it be cheap oil and synthesized drugs while they have the capacity to develop and implement the best of the new technologies. Forget the utopia of fusion !! But, because politicians and some pseudo-business people go on to create these gigantic advanced heavy industry to boast their countries fat bank accounts acting like the new shieks of oil, how long will we watch this movie of the internal combustion engine repeated over and over again ? When ? Until he Statue Of Liberty drowns ? The quick buck , like the itchy finger of a gunslinger bandit. Yes, LNG looks nice in 3D logos but it is the same dead, dead-end resource. When will they put it through their Cro-Magnon thick heads !!! All the countries that bring fossil fuel to the world market should start to think to create a world grid. And scheme of implementing what is geographically implementable renewable energies in each participating element of this world project which The Kyoto Accord is !!! A global program to succeed in our evolution on this planet and in the most human way and with the best scientific designs. I know horrible my grammar can be but not as horrific as looking cars speeding home in all the modern cities of the world, day-in day-out. Billions of metal animals breathing vasts amounts of our free oxygen. Completely ignoring climate change issues. I mean Japan thinks that they have so much money that they will start to building Eido v2.0 north of Osaka.....so just on time fro the Tsukiji fish market go under the sea level and allow the fish back to their element. I mean my stance is comical even absurd,, we were Homo Sapiens and became Homo Cretin. Come on Japan be for real come up with the real new wave. Are you guys planning a secret world war, and move your "sacred nation" to better hills ?? And Mr Putin, you have rotting nuclear ships at your docks,,,, are also part of the club allowing secret super radioactive seepage into the ocean waters ? Come on,,, you have enough money, cars, red carpets (inside joke) I am sure Lenin is break dancing !! Enough burning !! I read that 4% of the atmospheric oxygen has been sequestrated with his bad cousin Black Carbon. Come on guys, you can put on a better show !! Besides the way you are running the economy you are only providing the elite, that includes intelligentsia, some soldiers depending on the country, some business buddies, and the masses can just live on the fumes !!! Right,,,,,oxygen is free but once the ocean is so acid that the plankton won't be producing it, will you guys be able to provide enough electronic water splitting plants to allow us to be able to walk around the block with our dog without an oxygen tank, Can you build enough of those plants to compensate for the instinct photosynthetic organisms: kelp forests, the taiga, the rain forests, the blue-green algae. Water splitting is a lot more better then atom splitting !! Obviously,,,,,,,,,,come on ear mark those profits, don't sink them into synthetic islands, and inorganic farmed fish, or plain orgies of ignorance !! Come one be for real !!! You know !! We know !!! Now is high time to talk the real talk no more big gas stuff !!!

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well I guess the masses better start living a lifestyle that reflects such energies--talking about rainforests, what do you think it would take to use a little bit of the amazon, naturally of course. And about Iceland, isnt that a part of Denmark? how's their immigrant numbers going? or can you only go to Denmark, and Iceland is only for as much as the energy can support??Just askin'.

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Dear Nebulous,

i won't say it, you said "it" Illiachin !!! Are you NSA ?

Denmark was the first country that decided to implement modern wind power. The Germans with the help of the only elected Green party in the world,,,and there is no green tea Party in japan,,,, not like the Boston Tea party,,maybe Green could have other benefits aside anti-aging, Mieru mina san !!! Wakarimashita ka ! There plan was to shut down all their nuclear power plants because everybody knowns that Plutonium should be on Pluto, maybe that is why they called it like that. Scientists can have a wicked comic age !!!! Island is a viking country like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and lot of Viking DNA peppered around many locations !! France, Ireland, Germany, they were Vikings,,,,,Frankly speaking, the Franks were too frank so they had to change their name to Francois. As the Italians from Romans. The very I talented nation ! Design, Maseratis, frescos, da vincis, monas, name it !!!! Ask Al. But your strange take on : " Use a little bit of the amazon,", they say 3 football fields of forest disappear every second,, wait,, let me google that....http://www.savetherainforest.org/savetherainforest_007.htm the actual statement is : Every second . . we lose an area the size of two football fields! Okay the masses can not live the lifestyle they want, they use the goods given by the capitalists companies,,,,some alternative lifestyles are available,, but we need the government to lead,,,,Mr Obama,,,next in the keytone pipelines' taxes is,,,as you said in your speech,,,the creation of the New Energy Economy but we all hear about some subversive moles destroyed mega projects in the Western deserts of the USA. So. it is summer time, best time to enjoy life and the free oxygen,,,,time to kickback from are unending problems,,,i mean people of NY ,, yes, let those fire hydrantsb laze a feeling of enpowerment for the poor masses to get some kind of relief, may it be water fountains and pools like in the Chateau de Versailles !! Mr. Obama,,,i wish you a good campaign trail,,, and to the American people,,, the option to have a leader with solid ideas and a selfless empowerment for our collective good. So i said some, but not all of IT..... time to get the unemployed to be put to work in national programs for thee massive energy projects waiting to be created and creating a wealth of cheap renewable energy which will allow a feasible economy. Make new machines..............new machines,,,new jobs,,, new skills,,,,new lives,,,,make them so attractive to people that they will find new hobbies,,,if you know what i mean....it is cool to be modern,,,,water ballasts coated with photosensitive cells, combined with hydrolysis chambers,, and collection of the hydrogen and release of the oxigen. They made some tests in Lake Biwa about oxygenating waters. I guess everybody is off on vacation except the database trigger queries looking for keywords !

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