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Global diplomacy under the gun in the time of coronavirus


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Well, maybe it's time for trump, abe and other world leaders to go online.

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The world needs to remember once all this is over where this pandemic originated from. All of our lives have been changed for the worse because of this, people have died before their time because of this. Any future diplomacy must have this in mind..

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There is no reason that these people neet to meet in person constantly. Technology should allow most international organizations to be run by people living in their own countries, saving a huge amount of money and resources. Here's hoping that in the aftermath of this pandemic that we seriously re-think a lot of priorities and practices.

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it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia, and death

Death is an extremely severe illness, I suppose...

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So many idiots were so busy pressing globalization that the reality actually came true and now biting them in the tail. The world put its trust in the wrong hands of 1 particular country who only had malicious intent and successfully encroached on its neighbors, stole technology from many of its partners and allies yet not stopping there. Time to pay back and send this country back to where it started.

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Global diplomacy under the gun in the time of Covid-19, it means no American guns are able to kill a single Covid-19 virus, even a machine gun, though. A good lesson to Trump and guns supporters

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trump has to learn to be sincere and truly be honest which he did not have ???.

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