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Gov't employment rate of disabled halved after probe into padding


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Oh so you mean it was all about appearances before? Get outta town man, whoddathunkit?

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What, Japan involved in scandal with padding the stats? This is Japan -- if it's not on your resume, you're not getting a government job, or even coming close to being a CEO. It's a requirement here.

And I'm not going to hold my breath for any punishment of any kind, nor any change.

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Goddammit! The lying and cheating just doesn't stop. It's rot from the head down. Cut off the head. Oust this corrupt Prime Minister, his corrupt cabinet, and let their rolling heads be a lesson to the people working in the various ministries and agencies beneath them!! Lying bastards!!

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Some Ministers still excuse:We don't know this issue is intentional or not,yet.

but Same scandal at many ministries and agencies have showed organized corruption clearly.

Not only this issue,

Japanese Japanese Ministry and Agency always have deceptive sides.

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Thrid-party entity to check.

There is no such thing in Japan (through full experience to say so).

You adapt, you smoothen, you soften, you bend the results to make it acceptable to your client.

If you dare saying the simple truth by facts, you are not in.

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Are disabled people obligated to report that status to their employers? Couldn't there be many more disabled people who are just keeping their disabilities private?

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More lies from Abe's government!

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More lies from Abe's government!

Actual read the articles here? Didnt know Abe was in power 40 years ago!

The data padding practice is alleged to have continued for the past 40 years.

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Well, since no one’s going to take responsibility we can’t blame anyone. Gov’t is above the law..till they get caught.

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This is regrettable, however 1.19% is better then Zero percent like before. I hope to see more disabled government staff in future. There will be a boost in employment now, I am sure, and the 2.5% target will be realized very soon. I hope, before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic.

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Completely agree with @Educator. So the private sector pays fines and gets called out, so let’s see what happens when the rule makers themselves fake the data. I’m sure the private sector gets cut no slack even if the error was an honest mistake.

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Sheesh, at this point the gov't is 100% disabled. No abilities

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I’m sure the private sector gets cut no slack even if the error was an honest mistake.

Those who support the ever expanding reach of the state believe that government can do no wrong. The people within government are rarely held to account because doing so would impugn the legitimacy of the all caring bureaucracy. Like the Marxist idea that only White people can be racist, it is believed that only corporations can be evil. The state can only be benevolent and innocent - held blameless for the faults of its human inhabitants. It’s a form of self-induced deception and delusion.

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"People with Disabilities" - classified as people first, before the disability. Its not just being politically correct, but for us with a handicap, its really nice to hear.

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Labor minister Katsunobu Kato said it is difficult to judge only from the probe results whether the numbers were overstated intentionally

It is not difficult to make such a judgement at all. The numbers were overstated intentionally due to systematic fraud by the ministries. For proof, compare the actual number of disabled employed with the falsified figures provided by the ministries.

The actual number of disabled employees with jobs at the various ministries in question ranges from 0.5% to 1.5% of all employees. The figures provided by the ministries lie in a much narrower range from 2.3% to 2.7% of the total number of employees, i.e. clustered closely around the target rate of 2.5%. The fact that there is no correlation between the actual percentage and claimed percentage of disabled employees shows that the figures were systematically manipulated in order to reach the target.

Of course, nobody will be punished for lying and fiddling the figures and nothing will change. I think one of the problems is these corrupt ministries only recruit graduates from Tokyo, Waseda and Keio. Until they expand their recruitment to include graduates from other universities they will never be able to find enough disabled employees.

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