Gov't predicts Japan's fiscal target unattainable by FY2025


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in couple of words:

tax will increase !

from what I understood, JGOV is printing money without limit,

where is the problem now? people need to be squeezed like lemon...

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Predict? Been pretty obvious for decades fiscal responsibility not a strong point for the LDP.

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They'll never hit any fiscal targets until they're forced to beg the IMF for a bailout

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inflation would reach the Bank of Japan's 2 percent target in fiscal 2023 under the rosiest scenario

The LDP/BOJ propaganda never stops. There is nothing "rosy" about the prospect of inflation rising to 2%; that would mean even more hardship for average workers, who are already being squeezed by higher prices and higher taxes.

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"We must realize high-quality economic growth by capturing overseas demand and advancing human resources development that keeps in mind a new industrial structure required in the digital age," said Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the council's meeting on Friday.

"WE?" Yet you keep on putting out so-called "stimulus" budgets that focus on what seems to be every else than improving education and digital infrastructure!

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What is the point of these fortune telling exercises? They’ve been wrong for the entirety of the 21st century, so far.

And if you are going to indulge in fortune telling exercises, better to include the debt servicing expenses too, because they account for 10s of trillions of yen...

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Achieving a "primary balance" has no purpose in terms of the nuts and bolts of public finance. Just a symbolic political act. If Japan has no inflation threat and a stable currency, and borrows from itself, then there's no practical point, and has the potential to put a drag on the economy.

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For thirty years demand has been flat in Japan-why?

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CrickyJan. 19  10:37 am JST

Been pretty obvious for decades fiscal responsibility not a strong point for the LDP.

They know it doesn't need to be. The way they game the election system it's not as if any of their jobs depend on them actually achieving something.

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What ???.all these taxes and nothing works ???.

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