Gov't to pay ¥10 bil for Osprey deployment in Saga Pref


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This is related to a purchase for use by Japan's GSD and has nothing to do with the US military. So the answer is "more".

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What a great investment ...whoopsy

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It'll all end in tears, I know it will!

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You really have to laugh at the Japanese Govt. because they spend all of that money to procure the aircraft and then they have to bribe the local people to allow the aircraft in their area and then they say that the rise in the rate of severe accidents involving the Osprey has nothing to do with the safety of the aircraft but the GSDF will not be conducting aerial refuling missions or other operations above Saga Pref. as part of safety measures. SMH!

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I think this sets a pretty bad precedent. The military is not a private enterprise where such deals must be done in order to placate the locals so that a profit making development can proceed.

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bribery will bring bad karma.

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I saw a couple of them flying around Mt. Fuji the other day, first time I've seen them here. Gotta say, the Yanks do have some cool kit.

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The dumbest part of this is that everyone is terrified that Ospreys will be falling out of the sky, killing civilians. Everyone has failed to notice that not once since the first accident in 1991 has anyone outside of the aircraft ever been injured. If all the uproar was about the safety of the SDF members who have to ride in the thing, they might have a shred of credibility, but being scared an Osprey is going to fall on you is just dumb.

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JASDF is preparing sites for their V-22's.

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It will be interesting to see how well the SDF operates the V-22 and compare their operational and safety records with the U.S. Marines' record during an equivalent period of operation. Let's wish the SDF a successful and safe operation.

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Only six months after from crash of SDF helicopter to residential area,

Suddenly approved.

Governor of Saga Prefecture seems to be working for Abe government,not for residents.

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