Gov't plan for shopper rebate may face criticism for its complexity


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This is to get Japan to become a cashless society and enforce my number to be applied to items you buy which will effect your future social score. Japan is becoming just like China. It's a Trojan horse and should be rejected.

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Doomed to fail due to needless complications, but they will press on hopping to get the publics understanding.

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Is this to boost business for credit card companies? I wonder if credit card companies made a large donation to someone in the LDP. It won't help the small shopkeeper after credit card companies take their commission.

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Whatsnext nailed it. It's a ruse to track all transactions - and tax them.

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They made it complex on purpose to dissuade people taking advantage of it. It was a ruse from the start, and none of those behind it are economists.

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How do we get this rebate? Will it be automatically applied to credit card bills? What if you use an overseas credit card? Abe needs to explain clearly how this will work.

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This is never gonna work. I hope. I sincerely hope so.

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I refuse to stop using cash no matter how much rebate’ I get....

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