Suga goes mask-free in briefings as Tokyo fights virus


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Tokyo, however, is still struggling to curb new infections amid growing worries about a resurgence. Just as Suga started to dispense with face masks at the podium at the prime minister's office, the Japanese capital reported 67 new cases, the highest daily count since the lifting of the state of emergency and topping 50 for a sixth straight day.

So the government's top spokesperson now can't even be bothered following the practice they have been advocating. Is social distancing the next thing to go at these briefings?

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The government has lost control of their narrative. Grumpy old men have had enough of common sence and are reclaiming their stupidity. Stand up grumpy old men you tell us how life should be, who cares scientists educated people say a different story....disband those fools! Wabbeling old men know better.

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What kind of message is this sending to people? We have defeated Corona, now get on with your lives despite rising infected numbers. Unbelievable!

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I still do not wear a mask unless asked and required.

I agree he should not wear a mask during a press conference. He is far enough of journalists anyway.

But wearing a mask like a robot, depending on the status of emergency or not is acting like a robot or not. You wear or you do not, . But wear a mask when coughing. In line for the train yesterday, this guy just 50cm behind me did cough without a mask. I was upset, he did notice it

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It struck me as ill-mannered for the government spokesperson to appear in the press briefings covering his face with a face mask. Good thing he decided not to wear it.

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The top government spokesman has never worn his "free" Abe mask, now wears nothing? Has anybody actually seen someone wear a tiny Abe mask or was it a colossal waist of money benefiting Abes friend? The top government spokesman should address that issue? Wearing a tiny mask of course.

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I still do not wear a mask unless asked and required.

You are being 'asked' to wear a mask (albeit not verbally) by pretty much every single person you pass by in the street or sit near to in public in this country.

These people are 'asking' you to help protect them and their families i.e. their loved ones. Their kids, parents, siblings, etc. (not to mention friends, co-workers, acquaintances, public workers).

Wearing a mask for your own safety is only half the consideration. Kindly start thinking of others.

Just do the right thing for a few months it ain't hard and barely an imposition.

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despite Tokyo still struggling to contain infections.

Just spoke to a friend in Ibaraki today. At his wife's office they are testing everyone as There has been a family cluster and the father happens to work in the same office as my friend's wife, so even in Ibaraki, where social distancing is done by virtue of everyone living miles apart and in big homes and where everyone drives to work, we see clusters appearing, so what we are seeing in Tokyo is the tip of the iceberg.

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Well done Mr. Suga, masks can't be worn forever. I don't care what people say or think, unless required by a client, nothing will make me wear those things.

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@EL Rata

unless required by a client

So you'll wear a mask if a client asks but you won't if your close friends/family ask.

I'm guessing the ¥ is more important than people's health and well being to you.

One day you'll look back on this time and question your decisions.

Until then keep fighting your good fight .....

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If Suga, or anyone, wears a mask, don't wear it like President Trump does. He said when he wears his mask, he looks like the Lone Ranger. That means he is wearing his mask over his eyes. That explains whey he can't see anything.

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I still do not wear a mask unless asked and required.

Please save your coworkers or the combini staff the trouble of having to ask that you wear a mask. Most Japanese won't ask you to wear a mask, even if required. They'll likely assume you're just an ignorant foreigner or oyaji.

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some say it's difficult to hear my voice," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said at a press conference.

Suga is a BS artist for living , but this one is a pearler....seriously?

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I wasn't one who normally worn a mask. Since my cancer operation back in February, my immune system weaker and my age 70, I have been wearing one outside since the start of the virus plus frequent washing of hands and carry a spray. The breathing was harder in the beginning but now better.

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So you'll wear a mask if a client asks but you won't if your close friends/family ask.

I'm guessing the ¥ is more important than people's health and well being to you.

Of course I care 'bout money, so I do for my family and friends, but you know we have this thing... What's it called?... a working immune system vs a virus that has a very low mortality rate. I know there may be people with suppressed immune systems and comorbidities, but those people shouldn't be out during a pandemic, anyway. If me or any of my close circle is unlucky enough to get it and die from it, it would be extremely regrettable and sad but life has always been a risk. I don't understand why people would give up freedom in order to feel safe.

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I prefer him wearing a mask. It helps obscure his undertaker face.

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Come on people, you can't expect Suga "The Unveiler" to wear a mask forever.

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my immune system weaker and my age 70,

I would recommend wearing a face shield if you have to go out, they are at least cooler and offer more protection to you, a mask only helps lower the chance of spreading corona if you already have it. a face shield offers you nearly 95% protection from contracting corona as it protects your whole face.

With Government leading by example and showing that wearing a mask is now not needed more people will stop wearing a mask when they go out. and before we know it we will be back to the numbers we had before the state of emergency was declared.

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I never used to wear a mask, hate the things, if I have a cold or a cough I'll stay at home rather than go out with a mask. But covid is different; I am unlikely to be infected or infectious, I have no symptoms, but as a responsible member of society, and use in case, when I go out in public I'll wear the mask and avail myself of the hand sanitisers set out by virtually every entrance and exit. Not because I'm a guest, but because I'm a member of this society and I want what's best for this society.

As for Suga-san not wearing a mask at press conferences, if there is plenty of distance between himself and members of the press, and if the mike gets disinfected before the next person uses it, and if he puts his mask back on before he goes near people, I see no problem.

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I do believe that mask can assist in the prevention of the Coronavirus to some degree ( if using the right type of mask in the appropriate way in conjunction with many other hygienic measures ) but it’s really impossible at times to hear the person who is wearing a face mask correctly. Even Japanese people can’t do so while talking with another Japanese person ( while conversing in Japanese ) and nor can two native English speakers ( while conversing in English ). Non natives conversing with native speakers ( be it of any language ) is really difficult to comprehend when wearing a mask!

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NHK is reporting that there is over 100 confirmed cases In Tokyo today. Please stay safe everyone!

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He'll be wearing one on Monday, post-Tokyo election, as will Koike and others again.

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And anyway, if you believe that horse-puckey about Japan being above the fray because of it's "mindou" and unique culture, including wearing masks, then Suga is not being Japanese.

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for all the people scanning the news looking for something to be "outraged" about here you go... Japan likes the faux outrage too I guess.

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