Gov't to earmark ¥1 tril for reserve fund to fight coronavirus


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I am wondering what would happen in economy after the coronavirus crisis. Inflation or deflation? The government is spending a lot of money and that will increase national debts. If inflation comes as a result. I am thinking to buy stocks now.

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¥1 tril for reserve fund to fight coronavirus. I don't want to figure out this amount on future economy when every citizen life is much higher the monetary index.

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Of course, people's life is important but money is important next to your life. In the world, after the war, inflation often happens and you will lose values of your savings.

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Oh so let’s all go outside, take public transportation and line up at city hall?

Applicants will be required to file for support at their respective municipal government offices.

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1 trillion yen ($9.2 billion), a paltry number, will barely “scratch the surface” on shoring up the damage a lockdown will inflict on J economy.

The UK Treasury had to sell £45 billion guilts last month alone.   

For sale: £45 billion of gilts……


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“You can’t rely on just the laboratory-confirmed cases,” said Marc-Alain Widdowson, an epidemiologist who left the CDC last year and now serves as director of the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp in Belgium. “You’re never going to apply the test on everybody who is ill and everybody who dies. So without doubt — it’s a truism — the number of deaths are underestimated globally because you don’t apply the test.”


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Nothing for the individual working man. Nothing to safe guard the funds from the smaller business who will benefit some of the losses and just close shop for good with less to none losses, courtesy of the taxpaying working poor.

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As a key pillar of the emergency package, the government will provide 300,000 yen to households whose income has fallen by more than half from the previous year, it says.

The policy was announced saying that 10 million out of 58 million households would qualify. If "income drop of at least 50%" is the condition, there is no way 10 million households qualify. We had better all hope that they don't qualify because a. 300,000 yen is not going to help very much and b. one in six households losing an amount which annually equals millions of yen each means repossessions, evictions and soup kitchens. Many people can't afford to lose 10% of their income, never mind 50%. That mortgage that was 30% of your income is now 60%. Your food bill (13% of average Japanese household budget) is now 26%.

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This is the real bomb shell. Just like america.

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As a key pillar of the emergency package, the government will provide 300,000 yen to households whose income has fallen by more than half from the previous year, it says.

Fallen by more than half, not that many and one doesn't have to be an expert to know that. A deliberate ploy not to spend while pretending to be doing something to alleviate the pain of the populace.

The reason they made it household rather than working adults because they know fully well not many will qualify. So a household of 2 gets the same like a household of 5, doesn't make any sense at all. Bereaucrats in this country really think they are smarter and everybody hasn't a brain to reason.

Just like everything pcr testing, imported foreign caregivers, labor etc there are always hurdles put in place.

One would hope the mainstream media, would point that to the government but as usual they have been pathetic as usual and will be parroting how it is great.

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My office space rent hasn’t changed nor have utility prices....

My customer base has dried up!

The tax office should give me cash if I can prove that my income in April is 40% down and my income in May is 90% down, June will be 30-40% down.

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