Gov't to earmark ¥1.15 tril for infrastructure in 2nd extra budget


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2 trillion yen on infrastructure? From the article they are only going to do maintenance on existing infrastructure that should have been done years ago. I’ll bet none of the schools get a coat of paint of professional cleaners.

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Nothing about addressing the child and aged care crisis? Oh, that's right, it was postponed (again) until 2020. It is good to see some money has been earmarked for schools, but I doubt if it going to be anything other than be lip service after that little girl was killed by a collapsing wall. The majority of these cicvil engineering programs he is talking about were built in the last 50 years and have not been touched since. Using massive amounts of money to do maintenance that should have been done progressively shows very poor management.

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More money for cement and steel companies while the schools in Japan turn down their heating as they don’t have money for fuel....

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How about to wait until after the massive earthquake that all experts predict.

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