Gov't to raise ¥5 tril via stock sales for 2011 quake recovery


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I do not see why this should be necessary as the government has been levying a 2.1% Special Reconstruction Income Tax for the last 10 years. Where has all that money gone?

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TRON - technology for predicting the exact time of force, place and time of earthquakes reduces economic damage by 25%. Maybe it makes sense for Japan to implement it? It will also reduce the number of casualties by 90%.

 Description of the technology https://www.tron.ru/2016/11/dromru.html

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The Finance Ministry expects a larger windfall from state-held stock sales than previously estimated will reduce the burden on taxpayers as it helps the government more quickly pay back some debt.

Yeah, taxpayers on the hook for 1,100 trillion in public debt will surely notice the 5 trillion made up for here.

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If the Japanese government has some stocks they want to sell, now would be as good a time as any. Denationalizing of things like the Tokyo Metro is also a good idea, if the proceeds will be spent on national strengthening (as in Tohoku.)

This is especially true since national banks the world over have started increasing their rediculously low interest rates to fight inflation, as well as slowing down if not reversing their various non-rate quantitative easing policies (reducing their stock and bond portfolios, eliminating their habitual purchasing of new assets monthly, etc.) The stupidly over-valued stock prices we've come to take for granted are about to flip...

When the Federal Reserve quits their own asset purchases, speeds up the retirement of old debt without purchasing new debt, and starts jacking up the interest rates, the top of this seemingly endless bull market fueled by non-stop access to cheap loans and central-bank-fueled asset inflation is in sight.

Get some cash out now while you can, Japan.

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Do you think the FOMC has the guts to conquer inflation if it means stocks tanking, Hito Bito? :)

(I think they should conquer inflation but doubtful they do have those guts myself…)

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Great - so when will we stop getting levied the mandatory 'special reconstruction tax' then?

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Not too late??!

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