Governors from Japan's 47 prefectures take part in an online meeting on Saturday. The National Governors' Association wants Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's government to present a comprehensive coronavirus vaccination rollout plan as soon as it can. Photo: KYODO

Governors urge central gov't to deliver vaccine rollout plan


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We all saw how successful they were delivering Iodine tablets when Fukushima Daiichi started spewing radiation over 26 million people..not.

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Survey shows government’s undecided about ... (insert daily topic here)

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We'll be lucky to see any vaccinations for at least a year!

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What are the odds 'Suga's government' have looked at how dozens of other countries have rolled out the vaccine and in doing so have learned what's been effective and should be copied in Japan, and what's been a mess and should be avoided. How many employees from Japan's highly efficient delivery companies have been asked to give input, how many employees from other companies involved in logistics. Or is this another Dentsu and the LDP plan.

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Geez, these comment boards are so predictable. It's almost as if the articles come attached with the comments already.

Japan has handled COVID better than many other countries. Don't you think they are incentivized to get vulnerable people vaccinated soon, with the Olympics around the corner?

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Japan has handled COVID better than many other countries.

yes! you're right, Japan is doing better than other 3rd world countries.

Right after Bangladesh and Indonesia.


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They don’t have e a rollout plan yet?

Rollout plan is allowing sports people from every country in the world to enter japan with NO two week quarantine before giving vaccines.

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The vaccines are in country, some have already received them, and yet the governors have not seen a concrete roll out plan from the LDP. This in a nutshell explains why so many are questioning getting inoculated. And we're supposed to cheer on the Olympics under LDP leadership?

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The common citizen will only get vaccinated from 2022.

Tip: get vaccinated when visiting your home country like I will do when I have the chance.

It’s all too complicated / mendokosai around here.

Considering all the problems this government faces on a daily basis because of a simple vaccine, it will probably end up being jabbed with the wrong syringe and maintained in the wrong temperature.

Not risking it here, that is for sure.

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Tip: get vaccinated when visiting your home country like I will do when I have the chance.

I guess that is not easy.

If you dont have a registered adress in your home country, I guess it will be difficult to get vaccined there.

I remember, when I was in my home country for business, and I got sick, it was difficult to find a doctor who treats me easily and to get medicine prescription.

So I guess to get a vaccine without a registered adress can be difficult.

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There’s probably been numerous, effective plans put forward based on how other countries are now successfully vaccinating and tackling the virus. However, they won’t be considered because “we must always do it our own, unique, Japanese way.

Which is basically to sit and ponder and repeatedly use words like “promise”, “urge”, “considering” and “vow”.

A joke, basically.

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I think we are doing fantastic and would not want to be in any other country!

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what's with the social distancing in the middle but not on the left?? oh the middle is on tv that's why. sigh

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Sorry @sf2k 12p JST. Don’t you know? That’s ‘herd immunity’ in practice. Nightly ‘studies’ by senior officials (at steak houses, hostess bars, etc) have demonstrated this on numerous occasions.

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Hopefully the Oxford vaccine will be approved soon and manufactured locally.

overall the Japan model has been excellent, however a little more speed in this case would be welcome.

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Asking the central government here to take responsibility for something is like asking Covid-19 to please cooperate and only come out in restaurants after 8:00 p.m.

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The herd is restless and rolling rolling rolling, keep the herd a rolling. YeeeHah!

Time will kill the virus before vaccines are completed.

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I strongly disagree. Considering LongCovid , long term future and the burden in society, economy and workforce, I strongly recommend also to vaccinate all the younger people or have them quickly their fair part of the available vaccines. It may be nice if a very old senior in their 90s does it two or five years longer, admitted, but the damage is much bigger, if the whole younger generations have decades of life long LongCovid symptoms, less capable of doing anything, for instance at the work place. Ignore it as usual and delete or censor it, but don’t complain you haven’t been loudly and insistingly warned about that.

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The no plan plan. That there is no actual plan to rollout the vaccine, under the direction of Kono, aptly reflects the ineptitude of the LDP Party and the 'in-house talent'. His mantra seems to be, not now, but later or eventually.

Japan has low numbers of infected individuals. Which has little to do with the central government. Unlike in the USA, there are not a significant number of crazies declaring the SARSCoV-2 a conspiracy or refusing to wear a mask and ignoring all other protocols. Indeed, there are some lunatics that 'deny' the reality of the virus, but are limited in number. There is a certain sensibility and awareness among the general population that has contributed to stanching off the infection rate. As a contrary example, look at the behavior of Italians which led to an incredible flare-up. Same for the Americans. The population of Japan responded appropriately at the very beginning of the pandemic - a reduction in commuting by train was measured & in accord with the determined factors. Folks remained at home, as much as possible. Restaurants converted to take-out. Many businesses suffered adverse financial impacts, which is unfortunate, by either closing or reducing hours. Some went out of business. The numbers flattened out, until GoToTravel, wizardry conjured up by Suga to enrich the domestic tourist industry. Suga, of course, the architect encouraging industrial tourism from China- which is how the pandemic found its way to Japan. Hopefully, his tenure as PM will be short.

As for rolling-out vaccinations. What little planning exists, seems to be on the prefecture level.

With the supposed, impending Olympics, the inability to have presently begun the vaccination of the population is very queer. Though, inoculating upwards of 34 million in April, is significant. Statistically, it would indicate there is the possibility of vaccinating the adult population by mid-summer.

Impediments seem to be the proper type of syringe - a fault directly related to failures by Pfizer and their intent to profit by charging for the magical appearance of an extra dose in every vial. Appropriate storage facilities aka refrigeration for the vaccine. And the proposed domestic manufacture of a patented vaccine.

In spite of opinions to the contrary, most adults should be inoculated by mid-summer. All dependent on pharmaceutical companies honoring contracts.

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Japan needs to get on with their vaccination program. No two ways about it.

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Looking to central government for solutions is the wrong approach.

Decentralization is what we need.

And free markets.

requested that the central government shoulder the majority of the cost associated with the nationwide vaccination drive.

I don’t want my taxes sent to these central government types, only for them to take a cut and give me a vaccine shot for “free” a year from now.

"The volume of vaccine supply and estimates of future supply the government has shown represent only a small part of required levels,"

The central government should stay out of supply concerns of anything. Look at what the free market did with mask supply.

Decentralization with free market price signals would achieve better results.

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@fx. You do know this is japan? Nothing changes for thousands of years.

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Yes but that ain’t gonna stop me talking about it. Spread the word!

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