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Gov't draws up plans to overhaul arms export ban


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It is about time. All the veto members of U.N security council are doing it , especially Russia, China, who are next door to Japan. It will help many fronts including economy, high tech, and Japan role in world security. This new Japan will gain more respect by not just staying behind the back of U.S., even-though the alliance must still be strong.

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Hello Japan. This is South-East Asia and Australia. We eagerly await buying your advanced submarines, warships, radars and interceptor missile systems.

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Waaah; We don't want to "Anger" big,bad, China now; DO we ? Who CARES what china doesn't LIKE ?!?! THEY do WHATEVER they WANT to; DON'T they ? It's time to give THEM something to WORRY about.

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tyvtgo1USMar. 16, 2014 - 04:42PM JST I believe the US has been pushing Japan on this out of date article nine for the last several years as for helping >support the security alliance and also to help stabilize the region

Last several years? We forced Japan to create the basis of today's JSDF back in 1950. Ronald Reagan trued to get Japan to help defend Guam without success back in the 80s. We tried to get Japan to join the coalition with troops in Gulf War I. This has been an ongoing US objective for the last 64 years.

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tyvtgo1US: Well, it all started with a Million Dollar Donation to the Clinton for President Campaign, from Hong Kong. Then, IMMEDIATELY after the election, we suddenly had something pop up known as: " Campaign Finance Reform " . Any MORE questions I can help with ? ...to be FAIR though, as far back as Nixon, HE tried to " Improve Relations "; what exactly THAT implicated, I can't say.

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The pending order list... 80 Mitsubishi Zero fighters Mk II from Taiwan, 2 Akagi class carriers from Australia etc etc...

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The only one who could irk is USA. Since Japanese love to make weapons. Voila... Take me as an example. I made a rocket

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Each industry sector applies pressure on governments to serve their interests in preference to the interests of citizens. Before Japan expands its military and military industry much further, the national democratic institutions, media freedom, media quality and the participation of an active and informed population all need to be strengthened. The Japanese people must learn to control the agenda of Japan, not just elected officials, unseen experts and outside power groupings.

A strong military and military industry that are both under the firm control of a strong liberal democracy is a fair and reasonable goal for Japan. Both China and Russia are rapidly increasing their military capabilities and both have shown a willingness to make dangerous but calculated territorial gains in recent times. North Korea and the Islamic world remain highly unstable. Power vacuums will be exploited and Japan and other liberal democracies must retain adequate military strength to face down any challenges. The alternative of military and political weakness will lead to increased instability and danger for everyone. No one should have to live under tyranny and its progress can only be avoided by the liberal democracies standing together and by having adequate military, political and economic strength.

Resolution of conflict should wherever possible be done by peaceful, just and legal means but this becomes more difficult from a position of weakness or irrelevance.

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The official English translation of the article reads:

“ ARTICLE 9. Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes. (2) To accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized


After Japan was defeated by USA, this article prohibited Japan to engage in War. Then, as you all know, Japan found it is profitable to engage in industrial nation development. So, using Article 9, Japan just supported USA by donated big money when Hussein was toppled. In 21st century, no more expansion room in USA except military weapon sales. Abe visited many countries that are resource rich and made their countries Japanese friends. Now, only industry Japan does not have is weapon industry. It already have grobal satellite system. Japan Inc has been subsidiary or technology contributers to Boeing etc USA weapon makers. So, it is time to go on weapon industry. Sales and sales. Not using. Somehow, many countries snubbed USA and Obama. what kind of industry USA have? Only weapon industry. GM and Ford already moved out to China and Detroit is bankrupted. The latest news of US security holders are China 1.27 trillion $ and Japan 1.2 trillion $. out of total 5.83 trillion $ Suppose Japan start weapon industry up up and up. Well, Mitsubishi already recreated Mitsubishi airplane. How about Hitachi, and other heavy industries companies? Japan has $$$$$ in mind than spending money and manpower to go to War. USA has to be careful. China and Japan, using S.Korea, secretly cooperating each other. Look at what Japan Inc has been helping Industrial Growth of China.

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I believe the US has been pushing Japan on this out of date article nine for the last several years as for helping support the security alliance and also to help stabilize the region as for China's growing clout and dominate moves towards everyone in the region. The question I have always had was... why did everyone invest into the totalitarian state of China to help them build when everyone knows China's communist ambitions all along????? Domination, and forced rule!!!!!!! How did corporate greed filter into the political greed that trumped national security and what was suppose to be moral standing within the world community?

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Peace anyone? A huge leap backward for mankind and Japan. Our species is not capable of living in harmony with each other. Chaos and doom are all that await planet Earth. This can only get us there faster.

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Japan's neighbors are going to scream and yell because Japan will be joining a long list of neighbors who are selling weapons.

USA #1 Russia #2 China #5 South Korea #14

When you step on other nation's profits they will get mad.

Hit that till and watch the cash flow in.......

Man, I love making money. If I could I too would join that party......

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