Gov't eyes private sector to manage part of its $1.27 tril forex reserves


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So basically it'll get robbed pillaged and stolen by these private sector funds and trust banks.

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StormR - absolutely mate ...and you can be sure the trust banks and funds that will be successful in getting the contracts to manage these funds will be infested with amakudari types retired from senior government / public service jobs. All is sweet in J- Inc.

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I believe that basically 1.27 Trillion yen is tied to US Treasury.

Amakudari Oyaji with no global skills will get a new toy to play with, and the chances are they end up screwing up the fund to loss. They have already screwed up the retirement fund to loss in the past if I recall correctly. Yet, nobody say any objections to this idea. Amazing Japan.

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I have mixed feelings about this, but things should stay as they are in terms of who controls Japan's forex reserves.

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Goodbye economy!

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