Gov't fires 3 senior nuclear policy officials


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The move is the latest attempt by Kan and his cabinet to shake off criticism they have not dealt sternly enough with nuclear power operators

No it isn't the move is to get rid of the corrupt idiots inside the nuclear safety agency...

These government "agencies" are just promotional bodies that can be bought out, it's business running the government and not the government running for the people.... much like the famous "institute of Cetacean research" which is just a promotional body

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This is called "transfer" order...they will be with different agencies after o'bon holidays, my guess.

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firing three senior nuclear policy officials

Who's gonna replace them? Less specialists seems like a dumb move atm. More - yes. Less - no.

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“We want to refresh and revitalize the ministry,” Kaieda said. The three posts are under his supervision.

But he isn't going to step down?

He recently broke down in tears under intense questioning in parliament and said he was willing to quit as soon as the proper time came.

Is this something that only happens in Japan? I've never heard of any politician in another first world country blubbering like a baby because they were questioned...

Anyone who cries when they are asked some tough questions, shouldn't be in politics. He should quit and go work as a pillow fluffing inspector at the Nancy-Boy Fluffy Pillow and Cushion Factory.

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Ah, we all know that 'fired' here means that they'll be given cushy jobs somewhere else tomorrow, and still get some pretty big severance packages to boot. Then three more idiots will fill the ranks. Nothing will change.

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The only reason you'd fire people who make policies is so that nobody can be held accountable for the mess they have left behind...

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Hosono is certainly out of his depth,but a reshuffle won't change much.Kaiede actually said that he wanted to quit on his own terms.Crybaby.

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good bye cushy job somewhat in the public eye - hello cushy job out of the public eye. we know old politiians and bureaucrats never leave - they just leave the public eye and even that only sometimes - they`re baaaack.

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The move is the latest attempt by Kan and his cabinet to shake off criticism

And how do we know this? Why blame Kan? According to other news sources it is Kaieda doing the talking

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Whatever happened to ritual suicide by disembowelment?

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Whatever happened to ritual suicide by disembowelment?

I was hoping for the same, but I guess since TEPCO and the Government are in bed together, why do the honorable thing? They can just swim in their dirty money and recycle positions over and over....

Giving AID to the Victims?  面倒くせぇ

Eating in Expensive restaurants, riding expensive cars, throwing money on hostess bars?  当たり前だろう。

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The actual inspectors and regulators who systematically ignored the faults and falsified inspection reports over the last 40 years are the ones who should be fired.

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What qualifications did they have to be in these positions in the 1st place?

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And here's someone else who needs to be fired - the bright sparks over at the Ministries of Health and Land, etc. From the Mainichi in a long article (http://mdn.mainichi.jp/mdnnews/news/20110729p2a00m0na016000c.html) about the thousands of tons of radioactive sludge accumulating at waste treatment plants:

The health ministry will cooperate with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and consider reprocessing the sludge as soil for gardening.

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3 or 30 it really does not matter there are a legion of similar Idiots ready to step forward. 5 months and people are still living in squallar. They should be criminally charged for a crime against the Japanese people.

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Was it mentioned any specifics of WHY they were fired? Not trying to defend them

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Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s administration announced Thursday it was firing three senior nuclear policy officials amid scandals suggesting Japan’s government had grown too cozy with the nuclear power industry.

As is way too often the case in Japan this is way too little, way too late, and is just pure symbolism to try to influence public perception. Three firings will hardly remove the rot that exists in the ministries, which as gogogo states, are really just extensions of Japan Inc. and have no real history of doing what is best for the public. First it was asbestos. Then hepatitis. And now radiation. The public will always be the victims of government incompetence and lack of vision in Japan.

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Why? Dude have you been following the news? A constant stream of negative and unhelpful actions might be a clue as to why?

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The top officials of Japan and TEPCO, not these vice or deputy ministers who were probably following their bosses' orders in the usual Japanese, respectful way, should be forced to resign NOW and where appropriate IMPRISONED FOR LIFE in prisons with poor conditions.

Prime Minister Kan himself broke Japanese law by not reporting the nuclear disasters within 15 minutes of receiving the news through the normal channels and procedures.

In Japan, the problems and misinformation start at the TOP. These leaders have abdicated their right to receiving RESPECT from Japanese and international communities.

Please stop the misinformation, open the the gates to more accurate stories, and find leaders who can deal with reality and develop practical solutions in the short and long term.

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Better than nothing....for months people on this forum have been saying that someone should be fired over all the stuffups...not saying this is anywhere near enough and there is a whole bunch of incompetent bureaucrats and amakudari,s that should also be held responsible and cut loose ( without any golden parachutes )... but at least it is a small step in the right direction by Kan..cut him some slack ..

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Kan says he will step down as soon as Japan is on the recovery track, well there you are, if you want him gone get on with making Japan a safe place to live in Get on with decommissiong nuclear reactors, bring in tidal, solar,hydro and wind power. While your at that you may consider getting some input from all of those displaced in and around Fukishima as to giving them real solutions to the impossible situation they find themselves in through no fault of thier own, There you are, now you have the incentive for positive action

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The three replacements are all from the pro-nuclear faction of METI!

Matsunaga made a deal with Kaieda to choose his own replacements, keeping Kan out of the loop. There is huge relief in METI that no significant change will occur.

Politics and reform - Japan style.

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