Jojima says it is too early to decide on fiscal stimulus


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"Jojima says it is too early to decide on fiscal stimulus" that "require careful consideration" Too early ? Until future PM takes over ?

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Best stimulus, lower the corporate tax rate to 25% and sales tax back to 3-5%. Japan can't afford to see companies leave in droves over high taxes no matter how much money they pump into the system.

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Jojima restated the administration’s position that there was a danger of government shutdown if a debt-financing bill for this year’s budget is not enacted, because the country will effectively run out of money.

If they sold their 52% stake in Japan Tobacco they could get 2.3 trillion yen, which is enough to finance a month and a half at least. That and they could in effect reduce medical expenditure forcasts by a nearly equal amount over just ten years. No reason to keep Japan Tobacco if the country really needs to cut costs (considering excise tax and profit tax is far smaller than the increase in medical costs) or face running out of money.

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This guy is clearly running under Noda's agenda ie MOF's agenda. Those who are pro-stimulus/anti-tax hike wIll have to wait for Abe to take over.

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", because the country will effectively run out of money." this statement has been used by politicians in numerous countries, but those same countries have huge aid programs to other countries. Now as much as I agree in helping others, your first priority are the people politicians represent. Aid programs only work if the money is seen to go to the people it is meant for,unfortunately in usually ends up in corrupt pockets. If mothers and housewives acted in the manner politicians did,all family members would starve to death. The housewives of the world have a better understanding of economics than most in government worldwide. Make laws that politicians are accountable for every (whatever currency) they spend.No more pet projects no more cronyism and probable no more politicians.

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