Gov't suspends 35 dubious reconstruction projects

By Elaine Kurtenbach

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criticism the spending was not directly related to recovery from the disasters. Noda and other officials have vowed to cut spending not directly for reconstruction

Take care of victims first. That's a priority. Eliminate all red tapes and spend only on what they need, not want. No BS.

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Billions of Yen was diverted into the creation of programs like what will happen to Tokyo if hit by earthquake, and other related programs that has noting to do with Tohoku. They even have discussion programs, and other discussion programs and then how to promote Japan tourism, promote Japan brand...

Japan politics is a cesspool but then how is it different from the rest of the world?

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There may be cases or places through which the government has to ask cooperations to accept disaster wastes from Fukushima.

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Is there a complete list anywhere? I'd like to see if they're once again wasting millions on security for commercial whaling operations on the other side of the planet.

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"Lack of Governement staff"?? Really? Local government offices all around Tokyo are seriously over staffed. I thought Japan was a place of involuntary transfers.

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Aaah yes..." Some of the projects are being deferred till 2013" ...right ,how very fitting - just postpone the pork barreling for a few months in the hope you can resume it again after the fuss dies down. The politicians / bureaucrats never change...and it will only get worse with Abe and LDP back in.

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Money like Relocating factories to safe locations like China?

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At least it suspended funding for whaling research. But I thought it was 100% legitimate according to some? How are they going to explain themselves now...

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Typical electioneering BS.

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notice how it's "suspend" and not "cancel." so their are putting on hold the wasteful spending, not eliminating it. what a complete and utter joke the dpj (lower case intended) has become.

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I wonder if they are looking into how so many of those got approved in the first place. There seems to be a severe lack of oversight and maybe that's the first thing that needs to change. ALL bids for this money should be made public before they get approved. Legislators who put forward the various pork projects should also be named.

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Nice. Bad that some people lost their cake.

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will be lots of bullets going into envelopes this morning

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If the projects are truely worthwhile, they should be able to fund them another way. However, until all the people are properly taken care of in the Tohoku region, the government should be focusing on that more carefully. I understand it can take time to draw up plans of how to rebuild and many people may have conflicting opnions...but it is nearing the 2 year mark now which is excessive. I would love to see the government help those who are still in shelters by getting them a better, more stable place to live by the end of the year. There is no need for them to be suffering when there clearly is money reserved to help them.

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This is the news I would like to see more often. Lets see how soon they backpedal, however...

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reconstruction has been hindered by a lack of local government staff

I think a more appropriate statement would be, "reconstruction has been hindered by a lack of local government ethics"

The local and federal governments were broke long before the earthquake and tsunami, then they were given a whole pile of cash, so they have misappropriating it on a huge scale. They are like kids in a candy store! And, BTW, isn't it illegal to use designated funds for other interests? I guess it is only illegal if you are the private sector.

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Japan politics is a cesspool but then how is it different from the rest of the world?


The difference is that Japan is so OFF THE CHARTS corrupt that other countries pale in comparison to the waste, stealing, K/B, amakudari, overstaffed, inefficient ways of Japan!

The govt receives more than enough in taxes to run things but because of the above Japan's debt is worse than Greece!

It is Nagatacho that has been killing Japan since the 80s, if they arent stopped its going end in mass misery here!

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Oh and only 35 projects puleeeeeze! I bet there is easliy 350 or 3500 alone just related to Tohoku, if you look country wide I bet its EASY to fine 35,000 "projects" that are NOT NEEDED!

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" The difference is that Japan is so OFF THE CHARTS corrupt that other countries pale in comparison "

Simply not true. In a world ranking of corruction, Japan would not be at the bottom, but nowhere near the top.

" The govt receives more than enough in taxes to run things but because of the above Japan's debt is worse than Greece! "

Not even close to a comparison. Japan borrows money from its own citizens.... that is a completely different kettle of fish than Greece, who borrows from banks, who then in turn are compensated for their losses by other countries (mainly Germany), because the Greek government of course will never be able to pay back the loans. That is COMPLETELY uncomparable to Japan.

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Japan may not be at the bottom but corruption is massive & all of it measured, people think its just govt funds but its organized pilfering is what it is & it beyond what words can describe.

Yes J-debt is basicall domestically own & that is different, BUT its still HUGE & Japan is running out of scams to "sell" its govt-bonds, if Japan every has to attempt to source out of Japan or if they cant keep interest rates down.........WOW.

Just imagine Japans cost to service its debt if interest went up a couple percent.................

The yen is strong but things can happen & it cud end weaking but WAY more than the govt & J-Inc want & that unleashes a slew of more & different problems.

At some point the cards that are Japan will fall, my bet is there are LOTS more Olympus type companies out there, Japan is going to come down one way or another & the last 25yrs show Japan is basically unable to get out of its funk

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In opposition, members of this govt were all about reining in corruption, putting a stop to dodgy construction projects and so on. Now, looking forward to a return to opposition, they realise that they are seen to have not only failed to do as they said, but also to have perpetuated the situation.

They messed up on the Okinawa base thing, messed up on the environment thing too, had to cut back on all the family lollypops - what other stick do they have to wave over the heads of the next government?

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"Minutes from a committee meeting held last month showed cabinet ministers concluding that while projects unrelated to the disaster were legal, it would be better to focus spending on the disaster zone."

It may be legal, but it SURE is wrong! In any case, they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, and will quietly restart these projects over time, possibly justifying them with some tenuous link to last year's disasters. Like: "Oh, we really do indeed need that nail clipper factory in Kyushu as part of reconstruction in Tohoku! I mean, how else will the victims of last year's disasters clip their nails? That new citizen's hall in Okinawa? How could you even doubt it's essential for reconstruction of Tohoku?? I mean, there are citizens there, right?"

Lame excuses like that.

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Subsidies for a "contact lens factory in another region". No wonder they're keeping the wraps on what the rest of "dubious" contracts were.

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